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November 28, 2016

Digital Health Innovations: Improving Life through Connectivity

Posted by AT&T California Blog Team

AT&T California President Ken McNeely was honored this fall by the Korean Health Education Information and Research Center with their Leadership Award for his part in contributing to increasing the quality of life for millions of Californians.

Located in Los Angeles, the Center (KHEIR) was established in 1986 to serve as a bridge between the low-income, recently-immigrated, non-English speaking Korean community and the local health and social service providers.

KHEIR created a video about its ongoing partnership with AT&T to provide health care services to senior and indigent populations. In the video, Ken stated: “21st century technologies are changing the way we live. They are changing the way we get health care. It’s really incumbent on us to make sure that all communities have access to these technologies.”

Watch the full video from KHEIR here:

Health care providers in California like KHEIR are finding ways to use technology to bring healthcare access and to improve the lives of patients. This includes utilizing telehealth solutions that help reduce costs, reach rural, elderly and underserved populations and reduces hospital readmission rates.

During KHEIR’s event celebration, Ken touched on the evolution of technology and the positive impact it has on healthcare for those who need it most.

“The technological advancement we see today can help to secure a better healthcare reality for so many more people in the future,” Ken remarked. “From patients in rural communities to underserved communities in urban areas and to those who are aging-in- place and want to remain in their homes, telemedicine is the future and mobile and modernized networks are what allow it to work.”

Healthcare delivery will forever be changed by telehealth and telemedicine. The implications for indigent, senior, and even rural populations are profound and promising. AT&T is working hard to build the network of the future so that virtual doctor visits, remote patient monitoring, and better affordability become realities of the healthcare industry for so many.

November 10, 2016

This Veterans Day, AT&T is inviting you to thank a veteran at home or a veteran you've never met

Posted by AT&T California Team
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November 01, 2016

Thanking Our Heroes throughout November

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October 27, 2016

Growing the Technology Sector in Kern County

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October 17, 2016

Connecting California’s Rural Communities

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October 02, 2016

#911MakeTheCall Launches at Bay Area Heart Walk

Posted by Ken McNeely and Maria Olson, American Heart Association, Greater Bay Area
Today, American Heart Association, Greater Bay Area and AT&T California are launching a campaign to spread awareness about the importance of calling 911 early, at the first signs of heart attack...