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Posted by AT&T Alabama Team on April 17, 2017.

Certification Reflects Presence of Fiber-Based, High-Speed Internet

As part of AT&T’s continuing efforts to drive economic development and investment in Alabama, AT&T and the City of Thomasville recently announced five local Industrial Parks – Thomasville Industrial Park, Thomasville South Industrial Park, Thomasville North Industrial Park,Thomasville – West Wilcox Industrial Park and North Clarke Industrial Park – have been certified AT&T Fiber Ready.

“AT&T continues to invest in high-speed internet in urban and rural areas all across Alabama using the latest wired and wireless technologies, and, today, we are proud to highlight Thomasville Industrial Park, Thomasville South Industrial Park, Thomasville North Industrial Park,Thomasville – West Wilcox Industrial Park and North Clarke Industrial Park among the numerous places in Alabama where AT&T’s fiber infrastructure is in place and ready to help community leaders drive job creation,” said Fred McCallum, President of AT&T Alabama. “Each and every day, our more than 5,400 employees are turning AT&T’s billions of dollars in financial investment into high-speed internet for consumers and businesses across Alabama. Those investments are possible in large part because of the positive, pro-business policies championed by our officials at the local and state levels.”

In today’s world, connectivity is important to new employers and businesses of every type. The AT&T Fiber Ready designation helps economic development leaders more effectively position their communities for site selection by emphasizing the availability of high-speed, fiber-based services.

“AT&T continues to deploy leading-edge technology,” said Glyn Agnew, AT&T Director of External and Legislative Affairs. “Our goal for the AT&T Fiber Ready certification is to help clearly message that Alabama is connected as economic developers and community leaders work to bring new business to our state and drive growth for the ones that already call our communities home.”

The AT&T fiber network provides the bandwidth needed to support data intensive services such as video, collaboration, cloud services and more through products such as Ethernet, Virtual Private Networking, Managed Internet Service and AT&T Business Fiber. Customers can complement their high-speed Internet with network security options and online backup to help protect and virtualize their business-critical information.

AT&T in Alabama:
AT&T has invested nearly $1.2 billion in its wireless and wired networks in Alabama between 2013 through 2015. These investments drive a wide range of upgrades to reliability, coverage, speed and overall performance for residents and businesses. AT&T is proud of our long-standing presence in Thomasville and our state. AT&T has been deploying fiber in Alabama since the mid-1980s and investing in our Alabama communications networks and our local Alabama communities for 138 years.

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