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Posted by Ed Drilling and Jan Collier on December 13, 2017.

We are closing out the year just the way we started it: connecting people to opportunity. From connecting the U.S. Army, to connecting AT&T employees to career pipelines, or even connecting students to academic training, at its core, this is what all of us at AT&T do every day. We are so proud of what we have accomplished this year in Arkansas, and as we look forward to 2018 we are excited for what is to come. But before we get to January, we want to wish all of you, your family and your friends a happy holiday season and a happy New Year!

Ed Drilling
President — AT&T Arkansas

Jan Collier
VP & General Manager

Blytheville Middle School and Benton Junior High selected as finalists in the Khan Academy LearnStorm Challenge! 

Khan academy

Congratulations to Blytheville Middle School and Benton Junior High for being selected as finalists in the Khan Academy LearnStorm Challenge!

With support from AT&T, Khan Academy LearnStorm provided a free 6-week challenge that ran from Sept. 12 to Oct. 20 to help students build the skills for a successful school year. Throughout the challenge, students completed customized online learning and growth mindset activities to earn points and recognition both individually and for their school. AT&T has been a major supporter of Khan Academy through the AT&T Aspire initiative.

On behalf of all of us at AT&T, we congratulate all of these students for their persistence and team work. Your dedication to learning is an inspiration to us all!

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