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AT&T California News

July 30, 2019

This summer, we’re keeping communities connected

Posted by Rhonda Johnson

Dear Friend,

As we move into the summer months, we are continuing our hard work to strengthen and promote our corporate citizenship and values. 

At AT&T, our entire business relies on connections. As part of that connectivity, we remain committed to empowering our communities that need it most, and we remain prepared to respond to any and every natural disaster — including wildfires in California. Some of our most meaningful work will be done over the coming months as California faces what could be another unprecedented fire season.

AT&T continues to support initiatives that advocate for diversity and inclusion within our industry, including AT&T BelievesSM, Young Women in STEM and LGBTQ+ initiatives.


Rhonda Johnson 

President — AT&T California


July 29, 2019

California Wildfire Season Ahead: Stay Prepared

Posted by AT&T California Team
At AT&T, we know firsthand the power and unpredictability of natural disasters. That’s why we're ready with one of the largest Natural Disaster Recovery fleets in the industry. So, as we...
July 28, 2019

Believe Bay Area and Believe Los Angeles Successfully Launched

Posted by AT&T California Team
We proudly launched two AT&T BelievesSM initiatives in California this year.Our Believe Los AngelesSM initiative successfully launched in April with more than 1,500 Los Angeles–area...
July 27, 2019

AT&T SHAPE explores the convergence of tech and entertainment in L.A.

Posted by AT&T California Team
SHAPE is an immersive event exploring the convergence of technology and entertainment. Now in its fourth year, SHAPE brought visionary speakers, including director Ava DuVernay; Issa Rae, creator of...
July 26, 2019

Turn Up the Love all year long

Posted by AT&T California Team
AT&T is passionate about accepting people for who they are, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. And we’ve believed this for a long time! AT&T added sexual orientation to its...