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Posted by Ken McNeely, President, AT&T California on April 28, 2017.

Living in the digital age means that access to the internet provides opportunity. And access to the internet at home helps our customers apply for jobs online, connect with family and friends and pursue educational opportunities.

Families are using the internet for more than searches or watching videos – many families are using technology to pay bills online, do their homework and find medical information.

The internet is a key tool for families looking to build a brighter future. That is why it is important to close the digital divide. Not being able to afford reliable internet access can make it more difficult for students to complete homework or adults to search for jobs. This is even more critical today as employment of computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all other occupations.[i] 

As part of AT&T’s efforts to shrink the digital divide, we offer Access from AT&T, a low-cost wireline home Internet service to qualifying households.  

And this spring, we are providing a series of free community events to help inform California households about the Access from AT&T program. We’re also providing information and resources to help users connect to the internet safely and affordably, through our national digital literacy initiative, Digital You. Across California, AT&T will host seven events this spring, and more than 30 across the nation this year.

But we are not stopping there. AT&T is also working with more than 80 community organizations in California, and 500 groups nationwide, to inform potential program participants about Access from AT&T. This includes social service groups and organizations that represent veterans, seniors, non-English speakers and others. AT&T has also contacted all school districts where Access from AT&T is available, asking for their help in communicating the program to families.

We are proud to play a part in helping to narrow the digital divide by providing low-cost internet options for families who need it the most and providing tools and resources for everyone to have a safe experience online.

Click here to learn more about Access from AT&T.

Click here to visit the Digital You portal.

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