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Posted by Gwen Oldham, Citizenship & Sustainability Director, AT&T California on May 03, 2017.

The tech industry needs a capable and diverse pipeline of employees to fuel 21st century jobs, but the need is currently outpacing the supply of skilled talent. AT&T is working to bridge the skills gap and build a diverse talent pipeline through our signature education initiative, AT&T Aspire. As part of this effort, AT&T and Udacity are offering 500 Nanodegree scholarships in the AT&T Aspire to Tech Scholarship program.

The program is open to students participating in AT&T Aspire supported programs including All Star Code, Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code, Genesys Works, Year Up and many others. Additionally, up to 100 scholarships will be offered to selected residents in HUD ConnectHome pilot communities, including Los Angeles and Fresno in California.

Aspire to Tech Scholarship recipients can pursue an online Nanodegree for Intro to Programming; Front-End Web Development or Android Basics. Nanodegree courses are online, project-based, and taught by leaders in tech, with support by coaches. The Nanodegree program is fully recognized for entry-level jobs at AT&T and up to 100 graduates are being placed in paid internships at AT&T. Nanodegrees are completed over an 8-month period and require a minimum of 10 hours a week.

Interested students and HUD residents should apply online through the Aspire to Tech Scholarship Application. Applications are open from April 27 – May 23 and winners will be notified by email on June 6. Nanodegree classes begin on June 12 and run through February 2018 for the spring 2017 cohort.

Click here and apply by May 23, 2017.


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