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Posted by Loretta Walker on August 01, 2017.

AT&T employees are committed to strengthening communities and improving lives through volunteerism and charitable events.

Danielle Carnicom, an AT&T California employee, was recently awarded the 2017 Jefferson Award for her extensive volunteer work. The Jefferson Awards Foundation (JAF) inspires action through celebration and drives communities in a positive direction through empowering public service.

Danielle’s devotion to community service and deep compassion for others is apparent in both her career at AT&T and extensive volunteering activities. Serving as an Executive Board Member for AT&T Pioneers and a member of twelve AT&T Employee Resource Groups (ERG), and she has also personally raised $14,000 for Susan G. Komen San Diego, an organization that helps women with access to breast cancer education and services in San Diego County.

“Danielle is the most deserving recipient of this award because she represents AT&T and AT&T employees at their best,” said Phyllis King, Immediate Past President Pioneers De Anza Chapter and Sr. Specialist – IT Telephone Infrastructure Engineer. “Danielle’s commitment to her community, giving back, collaboration, and mentorship contribute to the fabric that holds together the AT&T family.”

Since joining AT&T in 1999, Danielle’s commitment to customer service continued to grow with each new role. Her current role is Manager Customer Service – Office of the President, where she manages daily operations of sixteen employees who handle executive escalations, billing and service inquiries as well as sales and adjustments for all wireline products. Danielle relates to customers in a unique way that builds a foundation to keep customers satisfied and well served.

Danielle was selected from a group of 9 Jefferson Award Finalists for California. The eight other California finalists were: Agustin Argeaga; Aracely Cuadra; Rubin Flores; Frances Groeneman; Michelle Hemenway; Gay Olivos; June Tom and Georgia Zachary. Each of the finalists were nominated by their ERG and Pioneer peers and were recognized by their nominators and immediate supervisors.

AT&T is proud of Danielle’s enthusiasm and commitment to many different causes. She supports LGBTQ and human rights efforts through AT&T’s LEAGUE as a four-time Dining Out for Life Ambassador, which raises awareness for local HIV and AIDS programs. Danielle is the Chair of the Pioneers’ Sleeping Mats for the Homeless Project. In this role, she leads volunteers across the nation in re-purposing used plastic grocery bags by crocheting the plastic into mats used by local homeless communities.

We thank all of our devoted employees who volunteer to make a difference in our company and the communities that we serve and congratulate Danielle on her prestigious award.

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Danielle Pyszczynski  567 days ago

Thank you to AT&T VP of External Affairs and Employee Engagement, Loretta Walker for accompanying me to Washington DC and the Jefferson Awards!Thank you to AT&T California President, Ken McNeely for your support of Employee and Community Engagement! Thank you also to the External and Public Affairs team, Ignacio De La Torre VP AT&T External Affairs, Randy Okamura Director AT&T External Affairs and Employee Engagement, Shirley Sanz AT&T Community Engagement for your continued support of employee and community engagement in San Diego! Phyllis King, Past President AT&T Pioneers De Anza Chapter, thank you for nomination and your ongoing community efforts. You are the true example of an AT&T Pioneer, selflessly giving to so many causes. You inspire me to be a better community leader and volunteer. Thank you to ALL of our amazing employees, AT&T ERG’s, AT&T Pioneers active and retired Life Member volunteers, friends and families, nonprofit and outside organization volunteers who partner with us to increase our impact on the community. This recognition honors all of you!

Mina Kim  650 days ago

Thank you so much for all you do! You're so genuine in your dedication to give back to the community, Danielle. your positivity, on top of all that, has always inspired me. What a great honor, too, to be selected among those 9 California finalists! All such compassionate, dedicated, people! Congrats!

Danielle Carnicom  655 days ago

Thank you Jana and Matt! You both inspire me with you work you do with InspirASIAN (formerly APCA), and the AT&T Pioneers. Jana I admire the work you do to help victims of domestic violence through your daughter's non profit, Break the Silence (Against Domestic Violence). Matt I look forward to another amazing ERG Conference with you in a couple of weeks!

Judy Kevorkian Vasquez  656 days ago

Congratulations Danielle! You are amazing!! Where do you find the time!?! You are truly an example of how channeling your empathy and compassion can make such a positive impact for those who are in need. I am so Blessed to have been able to work with you, watch you grow and see you in action each day. I could not be more proud and Happy for you in receiving this very well deserved Award.! Congratulations my Friend! You deserve this. XOXOXO Judy K

Paula Hill  656 days ago

Well deserved recognition! I've volunteered on many projects with Danielle and she's an inspiration in her dedication to volunteering and always looking for additional opportunities to help her community. Congratulations Danielle!

Norma Doyle, Vice President DeAnza Chapter, ATT Pioneers  656 days ago

Danielle, I'm very proud of you! You're a great asset to ATT Pioneers and ATT. Thank you for all you do!

Cristina Hall  656 days ago

I am so very proud of you Danielle! I had a great time volunteering next to you a few years back and you definitely motivate me to do more for our communities. This award is very well deserved!

Elaine Malit  656 days ago

So proud of you and inspired by your commitment to serve your community!

Martin Meza  656 days ago

Congratulations Danielle! A well-deserved recognition. You are a true role-model to our community, employees and ERG members.

Chuck Salcido  680 days ago

Congratulations Danielle! Never has anyone so justly deserved this award. It has been a privilege watching you develop as a role model for new and veteran employees. Thank you for all you do for AT&T, your community, and your team mates.

Bonnie Allen  684 days ago

Congratulations Danielle! Keep up the great work.

Diana Paruginog  684 days ago

I am very proud of you Danielle!! Great job

Matt Mui, InspirASIAN National President  684 days ago

Congratulations Danielle! You are a dedicated and committed Ambassador for the ERGs, Pioneers, and AT&T in the community. Thank you for compassion, volunteerism, and leadership. You represent the best in all of us! Well deserved!