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AT&T Connecticut President John Emra

John Emra is the State President for AT&T Connecticut, a  position he was named to in July of 2013, leading AT&T’s  legislative, regulatory and community affairs activities in the  state.. Mr. Emra works closely with community leaders,  legislators and other policy makers, as well as local and  regional business leaders and customers, to help meet  AT&T’s objective of connecting people with technology everywhere they live and work.

Mr. Emra began his career at AT&T in September of 2001 and worked as its regional vice president for external and legislative affairs in Connecticut until becoming state president. 

Prior to coming to AT&T, Mr. Emra was a consultant to the company in Washington, DC and in New Haven, Connecticut.  In Washington he worked specifically on national broadband policy development by the US Congress and Federal Communications Commission.  Prior to his Washington, DC posting, he was the spokesperson for all legislative and regulatory issues for the company in Connecticut.

Mr. Emra has worked in the field of politics for more than twenty years: as staff on the campaign of a member of Congress; staff to the Democratic majority in the Connecticut House of Representatives; a lobbyist with a regional business organization; a strategist with a national political consulting firm; and a media spokesperson in Connecticut and Washington, DC. 

Mr. Emra has used his intimate knowledge of politics and the political process to successfully fashion winning election and public affairs campaigns for his clients and employers.  Among his successes include hundreds of election wins in more than twenty states, the passage of long-sought legislation to create a regional airport authority, a first-in-the-nation broadband sales tax exemption, sweeping federal changes to the regulation of broadband services, the first update to Connecticut’s telecom laws in more than a decade, and a new state law that provided consumers a real choice to their cable television provider. 

Mr. Emra volunteers his time with a number of organizations across the state including serving on the Boards of CAPA Connecticut which manages the Shubert Theater, the Connecticut Technology Council, Gateway Community College Foundation and CERC.  Mr. Emra served as Chairman of the Board of CERC from January 2006 to December 2010.

Mr. Emra is a 1992 graduate of Southern Connecticut State University where he earned a Bachelors degree in political science. 

John and his wife, Susannah and children Jack and Caitlin live in Fairfield, Connecticut.