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We know you want to download content faster, stream movies with amazing quality, keep calls connected without interruption, and have greater control of your home—even when you’re not there. These are just some of the many reasons we strive to offer you the best network possible.

Between January 2007 and December 2017, the amount of data flowing on our network exploded by more than 360,000%. As streaming video continues to take over the online experience and as new apps and services are introduced, data demand and consumption will only continue to rise.

Small cells can help.

With increasing demand and pressure on the mobile network, we’re working on new and innovative ways to improve and prepare for the future.

Small cells are one example of the improvements we are making that will help satisfy this ever-increasing demand for network capacity. They:

• Make your wireless Internet faster
• Provide more network capacity for things like streaming music and videos
• Improve your experience in areas with high data demand

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