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Posted by AT&T Delaware Team on August 31, 2017.

Gov. John Carney on August 31 signed House Bill 189 - the Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Investment Act. The new law streamlines the permitting process for installation of “small cell” antennas and includes other provisions that will expedite the deployment of small cell wireless infrastructure in the First State.

Denis Dunn (left) joined Gov. Carney at bill-signing ceremony

Pictured: Denis Dunn (left) joined Gov. Carney at bill-signing ceremony

Small cells are shoebox-sized antennas that can be affixed to existing structures — such as traffic signals, buildings and street lights. The size and flexibility of small cells helps AT&T target areas needing additional capacity in a way that is low profile and unobtrusive. Small cells will enable faster wireless Internet speeds, provide more and targeted network capacity for things, like streaming movies or music, and lay the foundation for technologies of the future — such as 5G, smart cities, and connected cars and devices.

“With Governor Carney’s signature on this bill, Delaware took another step toward the future. The Governor recognizes that a strong mobile broadband infrastructure is important to the state's continued economic competitiveness and leadership. The new law also will help enhance the delivery of government services through 'smart city' technology and lay the foundation that will support technologies of the future,” said Denis Dunn, president, AT&T in Delaware. “We applaud everyone who worked on this legislation, including Senator Nicole Poore and Rep. Larry Mitchell, along with officials from the Delaware Department of Transportation.”

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