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Posted by Joe York, President, AT&T Florida, Puerto Rico and US-VI on April 25, 2018.

Congratulations to all the AT&T employees who received the President’s Volunteer Service Award. As part of National Volunteer Month, we’re celebrating the more than 4,000 AT&T employees who have received this prestigious honor from the President of the United States in recognition of sustained volunteer service.

AT&T employees, for more than 100 years, have given their time, talent and resources to causes that matter most to them. When it comes to making an impact in our communities, every minute of service counts. Our employees continue to inspire us every day by their selfless acts of community service. Working together, we are making a positive impact in communities around the world. 

The PVSA is an initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and is administered by Points of Light. It recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to volunteer service by spending more than 100 hours volunteering in the previous year. It’s inspiring and encouraging to think about the lives touched through these acts of kindness.

Throughout April, we are taking the time to say “thank you” to all of our employees — including the more than 145 employees who received the PVSA in Florida this year — who are making communities better by volunteering and supporting causes they believe in. We also want to hear your stories of volunteerism! Share your National Volunteer Month story by leaving a comment below.

Florida PVSA Recipients
Allen Hawkins
Amanda Thomas
Amy Sampson
Andres Gonzalez
Andrew Hall
Ann Nieves
Anthony Librera
Anthony Summers
Ava Greaves
Barbara Nevar
Beate Connette
Brandy Bishop
Brian Mallory
Bruce Snyder
Carl Shack Jr
Caroline Forbes
Cecil Rice
Chad Stokes
Charles Baldwin
Chris Wadley
Christopher McKenney
Christopher Pernice
Colleen Gorman
Conrad Tenney
Cristine Kelty
Crystal Lawrence
Daniel Thompson
Danielle Sahlman
Danna Long
Daphne Dilbert
Dave DeVinney
David Ballantine
David Butlien
David Henry
David Turner
Debbie Meerbott
Debora Silva
Delia Bora
Della Mores
Donna Sanders
Dorothy Brown
Evelyn Wulff
Frank Tagliani
Garren Echols
Gayle Denney
Geoffrey Ellison
George Thomas
Gisele Gobes
Gwendolyn Barker
Herbert Bradshaw
Howard Petree
Jackie Monteagudo
James Morrison
James Sturges
James Thielen
Jan Baker
Jane Battis-Bopp
Jason Boschen
Jason Swartz
Jeffrey Lewis
Jerzy Czyzowski
Joe Rose
John Merlino
John Storey
John Warren
John Wright
Joseph Carroll
Joseph Ferris
Josephine Vazquez-Rivera
Karina Luciano
Karl Blanco
Katania Bowers
Katherine Gatch
Kelly Starling
Kenneth Rouw
Kimberly Dugan
Kimberly Holland
Kristine Petersen
Kristy Lewkut
Lauren McCoy
Leigh Sirman
Leslie Horton
Loretta Stoney
Lynn Barres
Lynn Darcey
Margaret Bowman
Mark Chowaniec
Mark Corbett
Melissa Campo Duggan
Michael DelPizzo
Michael Dupre
Michael Oliver
Michele Berg
Michelle Barry
Mizar Perez
Monika Heuser
Monique Kuchler
Moya McFarlane
Nathaniel Rios
Nattallie Edwards
Nazira Steward
Nelson Bonet
Nixida Aponte
Odette Espinosa
Oswaldo Perez
Patrice Huber
Patricia Bush
Patricia Caruso
Patricia Lara
Paul Freeman
Paul Rowland
Pedro Jimenez
Phanna Latas
Rafael Figueredo
Rebecca Brock
Rebecca Rein
Richard Horta
Rob Arce
Robert Fetter
Ron Smith
Sabrina Caras
Sandra Thomas
Sarah Herceg
Shannon Gittleman
Sheri Peterson
Sherri Jacobs
Sherry Simon
Shin-Yi Henderson
Stephen Dillon
Stephen O'Harrow
Stephen Ward
Steve Mitchell
Steven Brandon
Steven Sewell
Susan Sidersky
Tamie Lanigan
Tammi Boyd
Teresita Barrenechea
Terri Thompson
Terry Campbell
Terry Kimes
Timothy Syverson
Todd Stagg
Valerie Philon
Virginia Butler
Wendy Kief
William Bode
Witnen Huggins
Yuvisa Hundley

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