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Posted by Bill Leahy on November 15, 2018.

My time in Georgia has been a highlight of my career. With your support, we have helped grow Georgia’s economy by encouraging investment, and at the same time, helped build a brighter future for our youth – tomorrow’s leaders – across this great state.

One thing we know in the telecommunications business is that change is continuous. It is remarkable to think about the industry changes I have witnessed in my career, but one constant has remained – the commitment of the men and women of AT&T. I am especially proud of your work helping strengthen communities through volunteerism and philanthropy. My sincere thanks to all of you for your support of me and your dedication to serving our communities and our customers, making Georgia an incredible state where everyone can thrive. This commitment to service and inclusion makes up who we are at AT&T.

Georgia’s future is bright, with numerous opportunities ahead as AT&T looks to continued investment in innovative technologies constantly evolving to address our customers’ needs.

On December 1, Venessa Harrison, who is currently president of AT&T North Carolina, will assume the role of president of AT&T Georgia. With the support of our North Carolina colleagues, Venessa has helped accomplish great things in the Tar Heel state and will continue to do so here in Georgia.

Thank you, again, for making a difference in Georgia. It has been my honor to work with you.


Bill Leahy
President — AT&T Georgia

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Karen Correll Dunaway  215 days ago

Georgia is a great place to live! Thank you Sir for your many years of support in making it that way!