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Image of AT&T Georgia President Bill LeahyI am proud to share the most recent Sustainability Report for AT&T, highlighting the impact to our communities in Georgia. I hope you find this information to be insightful.


Bill Leahy
President - AT&T Georgia

Key numbers — in Georgia

Green Bullet Nearly $5.1 billion invested by AT&T in its best-in-class wired and wireless networks in Georgia from 2014- 2016.

Green Bullet More than 14,373 students mentored in Georgia  through Aspire Mentoring Academy from 2012-2016.

Green Bullet More than 310,000 hours of personal time given by AT&T employees and retirees in Georgia to community outreach activities in 2016 — worth more than $7.3 million*.

Green Bullet More than $26.6 million contributed by AT&T and its employees from 2014 -2016 through giving programs in Georgia.

Click here to view a PDF of our Annual Sustainability Update

For some of our national figures, take a look at the infographic below. We invite you to comment on our blog, sign up for our weekly email digest, follow our sustainability team on Twitter or engage on social media by using the hashtag #ATTimpact.

2016 AT&T CSR Updates