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Georgia, AT&T Cares.

That’s why we’ve invested in our Georgia communications networks, our people and our local communities across this great state for more than 138 years. We are proud of this rich history and deeply value our commitment to you – our customer.

AT&T is committed to serving our Georgia customers. Should you experience any technical repair or billing issue with your AT&T service, please contact the applicable department using the corresponding number or email provided below:

  • Residential Wireline Repair for Phone and/or Internet: 877.737.2478 or
  • Residential Billing Issue: 888.757.6500 or
  • Business Wireline Repair for Phone and/or Internet: 866.620.6900 or
  • Business Billing Issue: 866.620.6000 or
  • Wireless Customer Service: 611
  • U-verse Customer Service: 800.288.2020