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May 23, 2019

Honoring our heroes, investing in our future

Posted by Elizabeth Songvilay

This month, we take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices that our veterans and first responders have made in service to us. In support of Military Appreciation Month, we’re unveiling multiple initiatives aimed at recognizing active military personnel, veterans and their families. For the sixth year in a row, we’re supporting Carry the Load through a large-scale employee volunteer effort, as well as a $100,000 donation.

We’re also using this month to double down on investing in our future, and not just in the world of tech. In addition to trailblazing 5G security standards for the future of our communications, we’re also working with the non-profit Year Up for the future of our young people and the workforce they will shape. As part of this initiative, we’ve committed to host 200 interns annually by 2022 in an effort to build a dynamic and diverse talent pipeline.

To prepare for the future, we’re always focusing on investing in our local communities. In doing so, we strive to always honor and empower those who serve others.


Elizabeth Songvilay, Director, External Affairs — AT&T Hawaii

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May 22, 2019

AT&T honors Military Appreciation Month

Posted by AT&T Hawaii Team

Carry the Load

AT&T has supported active military personnel, veterans and their families for more than 80 years, when our telephone services provided much needed connectivity during World War II. Keeping current and veteran servicemembers connected — to families, battle buddies and even job opportunities — is how we’ve “got your 6,” then and now.

AT&T Mobility Offer

This May, in recognition of Military Appreciation Month, we’re giving active military personnel, veterans, first responders and their families a $200 one-time bill credit when buying an eligible Samsung Galaxy smartphone1. This is just a small way to say thank you for your service.

One phone not enough? If you’re on one of our eligible unlimited plans and have DIRECTV, U-verse TV or AT&T Internet, you’ll get a free Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB when you add a line and buy one Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ or Note9 with both devices on AT&T Next2.

Active military, veterans, first responders and family members on an AT&T Unlimited &More or AT&T Unlimited &More Premium wireless plan can also receive discounts towards an eligible AT&T video service and AT&T Internet3 . Discounts include:

25% off wireless service on the &More Premium or &More plan (that’s 1 line starting at $52.50 or $120 for a family of 4, only $30 per line after autopay and paperless bill discounts);

$15 off per month for select video services, including DIRECTV and U-verse TV; and

$15 off per month for select AT&T Internet services.

More information about these promotions and discounts can be found in store or online at

For those with limited mobility or just pressed for time, personal delivery and expert device setup is available in select markets at no extra cost thanks to AT&T Ready to Go.

AT&T Veterans Job Initiative

AT&T sees beyond just your service. Here are 6 ways we’ve “got your 6,” veterans:

In 2013, AT&T set a goal to hire 10,000 veterans and their families over the next five years. We did it in 3 years and then, in conjunction with White House Joining Forces, committed to hiring another 10,000 veterans for a total of 20,000 by 2020. To date, we have hired more than 17,500 toward that goal.

We offer a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) that can help veterans figure out what career will be right for them after their service.

Our Veteran Employee Resource Group has been in place for 35 years and is 10,000+ members strong. It provides mentoring programs and support for active military serving in combat zones.

The AT&T Veteran Talent Network provides up-to-date information about jobs.

Our Job Search Advisor sessions give veterans a chance to speak directly to our Military Talent Acquisition Managers and learn about AT&T first hand.

We offer a support network for military spouses and our MilSpouse Virtual Job Advisor sessions provide transition assistance and career advice.

More information on each of these services can be found at AT&T Careers for Veterans.

AT&T Helps Carry the Load

This month, we will donate $100,000 to Carry the Load. In addition, we are organizing a large-scale employee volunteer effort to participate in the national relay or local city rallies across the country. Store locations around select relay routes will support relay walkers with water, energy bars and encouragement along the way. This year, 11,500 miles will be walked over 23 days, on three major routes throughout the country, by thousands — and AT&T employees will be there.

Over the last 5 years, AT&T has contributed or directed about $21 million to organizations and projects that support our military, veterans and their families. Our commitment to servicemembers and first responders isn’t just a competitive advantage. It’s a nearly century-old tradition.

We’ve “got your 6,” this month and beyond.

In addition, AT&T has launched a text-to-donate campaign for those interested in helping out. Text HONOR to 52000 to give $25 in support of Carry the Load’s mission. (This will work on all major carriers.) The funds raised will provide a continuum of care for military members, veterans, first responders and their families.

1 To qualify for the promotion, the customer must have the Military/Veteran discount on his/her account, activate a new line of service on an AT&T Unlimited &More or Unlimited &More Premium plan and purchase a select Samsung Galaxy smartphone (S10e, S10, S10+ and Note9) on the AT&T Next installment plan. Credit starts w/in 3 bills. Taxes, fees, exclusions & restr’s apply. Visit for more information.

2Ltd time. Minimum 1 new wireless line required for BOGO. Each req’s min. $750 on installment. Free after credits over 30 months. Credits start w/in 3 bills. If svc cancelled, device balance due. $30 Activation, add’l fees, taxes, speed, usage & restr’s apply. See offer details

3AT&T Unlimited &More Plans: AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds when the network is congested/busy. Video may be ltd. to SD. Add’l speed, usage, limits & other restr’s apply. See for details.

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May 21, 2019

Cybersecurity: The great 5G enabler

Posted by AT&T Hawaii Team


The Bottom Line: Yes, 5G will ultimately change for the better how we live, work and play, but is everyone ready for the new security threats it could bring to the table? AT&T is. We’ve already been laying the foundation with our software-defined network (SDN) and are at the forefront for discussions around future security standards. When 5G networks are ready to take centerstage, we’ll be right there to help secure it.

Why it matters: We’re at the cusp of the 5G wireless network revolution. Once it is in full swing, it will be fast. It will be ubiquitous. And like the transition from 3G to 4G before it, it will change the way we work, play and live, paving the way for the fourth industrial revolution, which technology experts and analysts say will be served by an Internet of Things (IoT) explosion. Its deployment trajectory is becoming somewhat of an unstoppable force.

New technologies that include everything from connected cars and cities to augmented and virtual reality, and ultra-high-definition video will go from proof-of-concept to public adoption thanks to the huge leaps in capacity and speed that future 5G will offer. AT&T’s 5G network will be available to its subscribers in parts of 21 cities across the U.S. this year. Performance will continue to improve, and the pace of adoption will accelerate next year.

But… (There’s always a ‘but,’ isn’t there?): None of this technological transformation can become a reality without pace-for-pace advancements in cybersecurity. With the massive increase in connectivity that will eventually be possible, as the 5G network becomes the operational backbone of society and culture, the vast quantity of data traversing 5G networks will increase the size of the threat surface as well as create opportunities for bad actors to weaponize the currently known, manageable threats. We have been preparing, because we have been architecting 5G cybersecurity for several years now.

Security industry insiders call our cybersecurity chops “the real thing” for a reason. Our reputation for security innovation is known primarily with insiders, but that’s changing with each new city to join the AT&T 5G network. All carriers deploying 5G will launch with cybersecurity standards, standards that we’ve helped develop such as roaming protection proxies, Home Network Authentication and Subscriber Identity Privacy.

But even beyond those, we’re driving proprietary security innovation within our own walls thanks to new capabilities that our SDN enables.

We can do this because we are able to study multitudes of data streams to help detect threats to our network. Our work in machine learning is our secret sauce. With it we can analyze approximately 670 billion flows of network data for anomalies — and see 110 billion potential probes for vulnerabilities — across our global IP network every day.

The evidence is in the foundation we’ve already laid for 5G on our SDN and unique cloud security capabilities. It is powered by the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), which puts us in a unique position to address cyber threats at the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN), core and edge of the network.

On the first day 5G is fully deployed, we’ll be able to detect threats AND respond to threats in near real-time, patching vulnerabilities and helping prevent attacks from being successful. With SDN and ONAP on our toolbelt, we can:

Virtualize our security controls so that we can dynamically orchestrate security across the network at a global scale.

Automate security policy throughout the network using machine learning technology to fuel our best in class threat analytics platform.

Improve agility by creating technology that automates the process of instituting firewalls and micro-perimeters to protect applications and deploying technologies that help prevent lateral movement from attackers.

Filter and scrub Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack traffic within the network in a highly-automated fashion — without customers having to deploy or manage any infrastructure.

But, nothing is hacker-proof forever: Cybersecurity will continue to be a challenge that requires everyone on the chain to assess and create new processes, tools and technology to address it. As new threats emerge, we will continue to apply more resources and technologies than ever before to help protect our network and its users from both known and unknown cyber threats—for 5G and beyond.

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May 20, 2019

AT&T creating ‘Opportunity Youth’ Internships

Posted by AT&T Hawaii Team

AT&T x Year Up

AT&T, with non-profit Year Up, is opening the door to internships across the U.S. for opportunity youth, defined as talented young adults seeking work who are underemployed or unemployed.

Nationally, there are an estimated 5 million young adults disconnected from stable career pathways and 12 million jobs requiring postsecondary education that will go unfilled in the next decade.1

At AT&T, we know these young people have talent and potential. So, to continue building a diverse and strong workforce, AT&T is tapping into that pipeline by committing to host 200 interns annually through Year Up by 2022.

"We need a dynamic and diverse talent pipeline to power our company — and the economy — into the future," said Randall Stephenson, AT&T Inc. chairman and CEO. "Programs such as Year Up give young adults the experience they need to be career-ready and companies like AT&T the talent we need to succeed."

Year Up works to close the opportunity divide by providing young adults with the skills and experience top companies seek. The organization guides participants through a year-long program where they spend six months in the classroom and six months interning with a corporation. This combination prepares participants to be competitive in a quickly evolving workforce and positions them on a path to success.

In 2016, AT&T contributed $1 million to launch a Year Up campus in Dallas, and in 2018 hosted interns at Year Up sites in Atlanta, Dallas and Miami. We’re expanding with additional interns in 2019 to Chicago, Seattle, Washington D.C., and Sunrise, Fla., and our commitment to 200 interns is a nearly seven-fold increase over 2018.

Interns will work in a variety of positions, including retail, customer care, finance and external affairs. The expansion is part of the AT&T Aspire initiative, which provides access to education and training people need to get and keep good jobs.

“AT&T’s collaboration with Year Up is a clear sign of a broader commitment to inclusive hiring practices and transforming the workforce to create meaningful career pathways for all people,” said Gerald Chertavian, Year Up Founder and CEO. “I applaud their leadership in serving overlooked communities that help them gain the necessary skills and opportunities to drive change in communities and growth in their companies.”

One of those talented young adults is Julio Fumero, who completed his Year Up internship with AT&T in Miami in 2014. After demonstrating a remarkable work ethic and strong performance, he was hired as a full-time employee and plans to stay for the long-term, saying he wants to retire from the company.

“Without Year Up, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Fumero says. “The program taught me valuable skills that have helped me grow at AT&T — time management, writing skills, and teamwork. I feel like I’m finally on a path of success.”

AT&T’s commitment to closing the opportunity divide expands beyond our work with Year Up and includes collaborations with programs such as Per Scholas and Genesys Works. Through technology training and professional development, these organizations help young adults across the country pursue careers in tech-based industries where their skills will put them on a path to success.

1 Figures provided by Year Up.

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March 05, 2019

Welcome Elizabeth Songvilay

Posted by Bob Bass

I want to welcome Elizabeth Songvilay to the AT&T Hawaii team as our new Director of External Affairs. Elizabeth will lead AT&T’s legislative and community affairs activities throughout the state and will be involved with new technology deployment and infrastructure investment.

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Elizabeth has deep roots in the local community. She brings a diverse background in legislative affairs and community stakeholder engagement, most recently serving as Legislative Director for former Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa in Washington, D.C. After spending some time on the East Coast, she is excited to return to Hawaii and spend more time with close friends and family while enjoying the outdoors year-round.

Please join me in welcoming Elizabeth to our AT&T family.


Bob Bass
President — AT&T Hawaii

Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to join AT&T as Director of External Affairs for Hawaii.

In this new role, I will work on our public policy as well as philanthropic and social initiatives across the state. Additionally, I will work closely with community and business leaders, elected officials and others at AT&T to continue to bring advanced communications technologies and broadband services to businesses and consumers.

From 2015–2017, AT&T invested $100 million in our wireless and wired networks in our state. I am excited that AT&T will continue our investment in Hawaii to expand, densify and upgrade the state’s mobile network.

I look forward to working with community and policy leaders as we continue to expand our network in Hawaii. In the meantime, please check out the rest of our Hawaii microsite to learn more about recent happenings here in the Aloha State.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any comments or questions.


Elizabeth Songvilay
Director, External Affairs — AT&T Hawaii

November 10, 2017

Join me this Veterans Day to Thank Our Heroes

Posted by Bob Bass

Veterans Day is a day of reflection. Reflecting on our country’s past. Reflecting on where we are today. And, most importantly, reflecting on those who fought for our freedoms.

AT&T has a long history of supporting our military and First Responders. We’ve committed to hiring 20,000 veterans by the year 2020. We’re also using our talents to construct a public safety broadband network called FirstNet to connect our First Responders in new ways.

On Veterans Day and every day, we are thankful for our service members.

Join me this Veterans Day in thanking our heroes for their bravery and sacrifices.

Veterans day

To join us in thanking a veteran or military family, share a photo, video or a simple note of gratitude on social media using #ThankOurHeroes.

We are proud to join our voices together with a message to veterans: thank you for your service!


Bob Bass
President — AT&T Hawaii

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May 25, 2017

AT&T honoring our nation’s heroes

Posted by AT&T Hawaii Team

While we are grateful for our nation’s heroes every day, Memorial Day offers a national day to honor the men and women who gave their lives in service to our country.

At AT&T, we know our nation’s service men and women make sacrifices to protect our country and our freedoms. It is an honor to support them, and, this year, AT&T is a proud sponsor of Carry The Load.

Carry The Load works to bring all Americans together to participate in honoring our nation’s heroes every day. This includes a national, 6,200-mile relay where veterans and citizens honor those heroes’ sacrifice and take a turn experiencing the weight of a rucksack. All of the money raised at this event goes directly to support Carry The Load’s Continuum of Care program where partner charities are on the front lines to help those heroes and their families who have given so much to this country.

Why I Carry The Load

In 2003, AT&T employee Matt Foster, then a soldier in the US Army, left his family, friends and future wife for an active duty deployment with the U.S. Army. His Forward Operating Base (FOB) would often go on “Comms Blackout,” usually meaning a soldier on his FOB had been killed or seriously injured and their family was being officially notified. It’s that experience that led Matt to get involved with Carry The Load.

At AT&T, we are honored to support our nation’s service men and women. To learn more about how to get involved and see Carry The Load's full relay route from coast to coast here.

Enjoy a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Comment to show your support below.

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November 11, 2016

This Veterans Day, AT&T is inviting you to thank a veteran at home or a veteran you've never met

Posted by AT&T Hawaii Team

We are proud to join our voices to yours with the simple message to our veterans: thank you for your service!Twitter Bird

Please click here to share your story, or scroll below to view others messages of thanks.


If you would like to request removal of a video, please click here.

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June 15, 2016

AT&T Hawaii Stands with Orlando

Posted by AT&T Hawaii Team

In the wake of the tragic event against the LGBT community in Orlando on June 12, AT&T is dedicated to showing our support.


AT&T wireless customers can text “Orlando” to 20222 to donate $10 to ORMC’s (Orlando Regional Medical Center) Level One Trauma Center to help with ongoing medical support needs. No text message fees apply.

The Orlando community and the Orlando Level One Trauma Center will continue to be in our thoughts.

The donation will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance.

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June 09, 2016

Featured Tweet - Bob Bass

Posted by AT&T Hawaii Team
June 06, 2016

Congratulations to the AT&T Hawaii Winners of the PVSA

Posted by Bob Bass

Dear Friends,

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?”

For many AT&T employees, the answer is serving their communities in their own unique ways a few hours every month. Some have mentored students in science and math by building a robot for a national competition; others have organized a USO (United States Organizations) event for active duty service members and veterans; and a few even planned kayak trips for youth. Over a year, these individual hours of serving can add up to hundreds of service hours, which contribute to millions of hours across our company.

This month, we recognize 4,527 employees, including 5 in Hawaii, who logged more than 100 hours of community service in 2015.

Congratulations to:

ArrowElizabeth Gregg   
Rae Uyehara
ArrowRyan Lizama

Only those who agreed to share their names are listed.

They are receiving the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA), a prestigious honor given by the President of the United States in recognition of sustained volunteer service. Many employees this year volunteered more than 500 hours and will be honored with a Gold Award for their outstanding service to their community. Additionally, we are recognizing 77 international employees who will also be honored for their service. 


We would like to congratulate our PVSA 2015 recipients for their commitment to serving and improving the communities where they live and work. We also would like to thank them for answering the most pressing question: “what are you doing for others?”

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Bob Bass
President — AT&T Hawaii

March 01, 2016

Native American Political Leadership Program

Posted by AT&T Hawaii Team

Full scholarship opportunity for Native Hawaiian students

The Native American Political Leadership Program (NAPLP) is a full scholarship program designed to give Native Hawaiian, Native American and Alaska Native undergraduate and graduate students an educational opportunity at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The program, which receives contributions from AT&T and the AT&T Foundation, awards scholarships based on academic ability, leadership potential and an interest in politics. Native Hawaiian undergraduate students are eligible and encouraged to apply and can receive assistance in the application process.

Program detailsWhat does the NAPLP scholarship cover?

  • Tuition and fees for the two core classes, plus an optional third course (up to 9 credit hours total)
  • Housing in a George Washington dormitory
  • A small stipend for books and living expenses, paid in two installments
  • Airfare to and from Washington, D.C. (one round-trip ticket)

AT&T Foundation and the NAPLP 

Since 2005, AT&T and the AT&T Foundation have contributed more than $2.5 million to George Washington University’s Native American Political Leadership Program.

Application deadlines

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students should apply to the program as early as possible to ensure maximum opportunities for internships in the Washington D.C. area. Some of the organizations that participate in the internship program include, but are not limited to, the office of Senator Mazie Hirono, the National Congress of American Indians, the National Indian Education Association, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Indian Health Board and the White House Initiative on American Indian & Alaska Native Educators.

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November 09, 2015

Returning to Serve Those Who Have Served

Posted by Bob Bass

Please join us in thanking our veterans by using the social media buttons below:

The brisk, Midwestern fall left a chill in the air — a perfect night to wrap your hands around a hot bowl of soup in a warm home. Fortunately, for nearly 500 young children in Detroit, the doors to the homeless shelter were open. Their parents had seen these kinds of rough nights before. Not just on the streets of Detroit, but — in many cases — while deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or other locations where their country had sent them. They are veterans ... and, along with their children, they are now homeless. The person next to them in the foxhole was no longer their fellow service member. It was their child.

VolunteerOn this cold night, the warm food was being generously served by volunteers, many who had also previously served in uniform. They had returned home and moved on to other careers. But, they were trained to leave no one behind. And, so as they shared food, clothes, gift cards, go-phones and their time, they returned to service.

For one of those volunteers, Sheila Parson, this is her “night job.” During the day, she works at AT&T on the Talent Acquisitions team. Thanks to her and so many of her colleagues' tireless efforts in the company, they have been able to successfully help more than 10,000 veterans also find a career at AT&T. At night, she manages a nonprofit organization that she had formed — QSA Foundation — to help homeless children and military families, as well as volunteers with AT&T Veterans (an employee resource group dedicated to serving veterans/members of the military).

VeteransAnd as they do on so many occasions, AT&T employees and retirees, who were returning to service, transformed a shelter into a home.

For AT&T, this isn’t just about filling jobs or helping in the community around select national holidays; this is a part of our DNA. And, we’re honored by the years of recognition that G.I. Jobs Magazine has bestowed on us, naming AT&T as one of the Top 50 Most Military and Military Spouse Friendly Employers.

It’s why Sheila and more than 4,500 of her co-workers at AT&T have been recognized by President Obama with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Leading up to this Veterans Day, AT&T has been working with Cell Phones for Soldiers to host events for AT&T employees to serve homeless veterans in cities around the country.

And as we do every day, not only on the 11th day of the 11th month of every year, we say thank you: to Sheila, our other AT&T employees, retirees and every American who has worn the uniform or whose family has served. And to the 10,000 employees, who are serving our customers with the same level of professionalism you learned in the military, we know we have a lot to learn from you as we welcome you to our ranks!

Please pass the word about job openings to other veterans who may be interested — they can learn more here.


Bob Bass
President — AT&T Hawaii

Please watch

DIRECTV (Channel 239) and U-verse (Channel 1114) customers can watch AT&T’s original documentary “GI Jobs” starting on Saturday, Nov. 7, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on AUDIENCE® Network. “GI Jobs” documents the struggles and obstacles that veterans face to find a job after they separate from the military. They can also live  stream it on the DIRECTV App and U-verse App for smartphones and tablets, and

September 02, 2015

AT&T Hawaii Newsletter

Posted by Bob Bass

Dear Colleague:Bob Bass President AT&T Hawaii 

We’ve certainly had a busy 2015 so far.

We recently announced the completion of our acquisition of DIRECTV. AT&T not only helps millions around the globe connect with leading entertainment, mobile, high speed Internet and voice services, we’re now also the world’s largest provider of pay TV. I'm excited to welcome DIRECTV to the AT&T family.

I am looking forward to the exciting opportunities that we face in the second half of the year, and I hope you are as well.

To find out more about what we are doing in Hawaii, feel free to check out this site! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Bob Bass
President — AT&T Hawaii

September 01, 2015

AT&T and DIRECTV are now ONE!

Posted by Bob Bass

AT&T and DIRECTV are now ONE!AT&T Inc. has completed its acquisition of DIRECTV. The newly combined company — the largest pay TV provider in the United States and the world — will offer millions of people more choices for video entertainment on any screen from almost anywhere, any time.

Current customers of AT&T and DIRECTV do not need to do anything as a result of the merger. They’ll continue to receive their same services, channel lineups and customer care.

Customer account information, online access and billing arrangements remain the same.

The integration of AT&T and DIRECTV will occur over the coming months. In the coming weeks, AT&T will launch new integrated TV, mobile and high-speed Internet offers that give customers greater value and convenience.

“Combining DIRECTV with AT&T is all about giving customers more choices for great video entertainment integrated with mobile and high-speed Internet service,” said Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman and CEO. “We’ll now be able to meet consumers’ future entertainment preferences, whether they want traditional TV service with premier programming, their favorite content on a mobile device, or video streamed over the Internet to any screen."

“We’re now a fundamentally different company, with a diversified set of capabilities and businesses that set us apart from the competition," Stephenson said.

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August 31, 2015

Calling All Data Developers!

Posted by Bob Bass

AT&T and GradNation in search of app to increase U.S. graduation rate
Help us increase the U.S. graduation rate.
Some say “two heads are better than one.” We say “the more the merrier."

Therefore, in an effort to help boost high school graduation rates, AT&T Aspire and GradNation are challenging you — the innovators, the analyzers, the educational professionals — to produce an app or interactive data visualization that is creative, original and, most importantly, will impact the U.S. high school graduation rate.

Through AT&T Aspire, AT&T invests in new tools and solutions that support college and career readiness. With GradNation, led by America’s Promise Alliance, in collaboration with Civic Enterprises and The Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University School of Education, we are working toward a goal of a 90 percent on-time high school graduation rate in the United States by 2020.

In 2013, we hit a record high of 81.4 percent, and we are on track to meet our goal — but we need help getting there!

Meanwhile, data analytics have become a growing force for smarter business. It helps to improve decision-making, productivity and customer service. But we know that the power of better insights is not limited to business. So, we’re giving it a go to improve public service and philanthropy, too! Thus, Data for Diplomas was born.

Data for Diplomas a ChallengePost contest that kicked off on August 25, with $40,000 in prizes and the support of AT&T Aspire and GradNation. If you are a data scientist or developer, we encourage you to check out the contest, registration and the full rules on DevPost.

The contest is open now until Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015.  

Winners will be announced in December!

You can use #Data4Diplomas and follow AT&T’s @ConnectToGood to get the latest contest news. 

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August 30, 2015

Get Your Internet Game On — Safely!

Posted by Bob Bass

AT&T launches Digital You to teach you ways to help protect yourself online

Do you know someone who claims they’re “too old” to get online? Or who has had their email — or social media — account compromised? Anyone who has been bullied online? Someone who has posted something they later regretted?

If so, you are not alone!

That is why AT&T, with the help of Common Sense Media, AARP and other national community organizations, is launching Digital You.

This new program is designed to help educate and empower people to learn more about how to have a safe and secure online experience.

Digital You includes features like:

bullet pointA new AT&T website (digitalyou.att.comoffering research-based materials about how to use devices safely and effectively for parents, youth, seniors, people with disabilities and others, with key information in Spanish.

bullet pointCommunity events, training and discussions are led by AT&T employees and community organizations across the country.

bullet pointDigital Compass, a free, interactive game, was developed by Common Sense Media to help teach pre-teens how to make smart decisions online.

Digital You can help you take advantage of what the Internet has to offer — while also teaching you ways to help protect yourself from identity theft, online harassment and scams.

So get your Internet game on! Check out Digital You at:

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21%  of Internet users have had an email or social networking account compromised or taken over by someone else without permissionof Internet users have had an email or social networking account compromised or taken over by someone else without permission.[1]


32% of disconnected adults say that they stay offline because accessing the Web is too difficult or frustrating; they are physically unable; or they are worried about other issues such as spam, spyware or hackers

of disconnected adults say that they stay offline because accessing the Web is too difficult or frustrating; they are physically unable; or they are worried about other issues such as spam, spyware or hackers. [2]

43% of teens (13-17 years old) say they have posted something online that they later regrettedof teens  (13-17 years old) say they have posted something online that they later regretted.[3]

>40% of teens (13-17 years old) have been bullied online — 25% report it has happened more than onceof teens  (13-17 years old) have been bullied online — 25% report it has happened more than once.[4]



[1]Pew Research Center, “Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online,” September 5, 2013
[2]Pew Research Center, ”Who’s Not Online and Why,” September 25, 2013
[3]The Online Generation Gap: Contrasting attitudes and behaviors of Parent and Teens, Submitted to The Family Online Safety Institute by Hart Research Associates, Nov. 14, 2012.  
[4]Moessner, Chris. "Cyberbullying, Trends and Tudes." Accessed February 10, 2014, %20-%20Tudes.pdf.

July 06, 2015

AT&T Teams Up to Tackle Water Management

Posted by AT&T Hawaii Team
May 05, 2015

Welcome to the Aspire Family!

Posted by AT&T Hawaii Team

April 16, 2015

Congratulations to AT&T Hawaii President's Volunteer Service Award winners

Posted by Bob Bass

Individuals make a difference
Thank you to our AT&T volunteersImagine a day when volunteers didn’t show up. Think of all the people and communities that would be devastated — students would be left without mentors; local parks would be filled with trash; and food and shelter would not be available to those in need of a warm meal at the end of a long day.

Impacting a community can take many forms
, and without volunteers, we wouldn’t have people to strengthen our communities and transform the lives of others in need.

This month, we would like to recognize the 4,512 AT&T employees who are being recognized by President Obama for their outstanding service to their communities, including our six* winners in Hawaii.

These volunteers will receive the 
President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA), a prestigious honor awarded annually by the President of the United States in recognition of sustained volunteer service.

To earn the national honor, these employees
volunteered more than 100 hours during 2014. Some volunteered more than 500 hours to receive the Gold Award.

Let’s congratulate our
PVSA 2014 recipients and thank them for their commitment to improving the communities where they live and work.


Elizabeth Gregg
Jeffrey Riewer
Penelope Bortman
Rae Uyehara


(Only those who consented to have their names publicly posted have been listed here.)

Congratulations and thank you!
For more information about the honorees and the award, please click here.

And, please read our
blog post here.

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