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Supporting Public Safety 

Public safety is improved by the power of mobile communications. It is a critical tool for first responders in emergency situations.

Mobile phones enable quick and accurate emergency reporting and provide an automatic estimate of a caller’s location. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), public safety personnel estimate that about 70 percent of the millions of 911 calls they receive daily are placed from wireless phones.

Mobile phones provide a critical link between first responders and the public, which is why a strong infrastructure in Hawaii is so important. A recent study found that approximately 74 percent of Americans who own mobile phones say they have used their handheld device in an emergency and gained valuable help.

Plus, another survey found that smart phone users feel mobile is most important to access breaking news about issues in their communities.

In short, residents of, and visitors to, Hawaii needs to stay connected in case of emergencies, which is why ongoing network upgrades and expansions of mobile Internet are so important.

Image of an Ambulance