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Posted by AT&T Idaho Team on February 27, 2017.

AT&T Forum for Technology, Entertainment & Policy

January was a big month for AT&T in Washington, D.C. Our network team prepared the National Mall for Inauguration Day, boosting network capacity by 400%. We launched a center for policymakers, tech experts and companies to collaborate. And we broadcasted live from the heart of the action. 

AT&T hosted its grand opening of the AT&T Forum for Technology, Entertainment and Policy on Jan. 18. The grand opening played host to D.C.’s finest and featured an interactive setting to showcase DIRECTV’s Audience Network and other original content.

In addition to the opening reception, we are thrilled to have our very own DIRECTV studio in the Forum. In fact, the "Rich Eisen Show" on the Audience Network broadcasted live from the AT&T Forum the week of the inauguration. Special guests for the Eisen Show included Brett Baier (FOX) and Chuck Todd (NBC).

Located 4 blocks from the U.S. Capitol, the AT&T Forum will bring together technology experts, academics and policy thought leaders across the nation to discuss ways to encourage investment, job growth and innovation.

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