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Posted by AT&T Michigan Team on December 11, 2017.


Once again, the final weeks of this year’s legislative session was marked by a visit from some of our state’s brightest young minds with students from 30+ schools throughout Michigan making the trip to Lansing to set up technology demonstrations in the State Capitol Building to show legislators and the public how they use technology to enhance learning.

The 17th annual AT&T/MACUL/Michigan Virtual Student Technology Showcase - #maculsts - was held on Wednesday, December 6 in the Capitol building.

The 2017 Showcase featured demonstrations covering a wide variety of learning areas including science, mathematics, social studies and language arts. The Showcase featured student TV news shows, computer-controlled industrial-like automations, handheld computing and Internet based educational projects and advanced graphics designs.

“We have been doing the Student Technology Showcase for several years now, and without fail it always leaves us blown away by the incredible work these students do, and this year was no different,” said Mark Smith, MACUL executive director. “As always, it was a thrill to watch these students demonstrate their projects to our state’s lawmakers, and we appreciate the support from AT&T in making this event happen each year.”

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