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Posted by David Lewis on March 25, 2018.


Recognizing an opportunity to better serve and protect the public safety, Oakland County recently made the decision to equip its law enforcement personnel with FirstNet — the nationwide broadband network serving the public safety community — offering public safety users advanced tools and communications capabilities. Last year, AT&T was selected through a national bid process to build and manage this new communications network

“As technology continues to change at a fast pace, we need a system which can communicate over different platforms and handle various forms of communication,” said Oakland County Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard. “We now have a platform to get this information out to our boots on the ground, and we are proud to be the first agency in Michigan to launch these improvements.”

By joining FirstNet, Oakland County’s first responders will receive preemptive access to network resources, ensuring Oakland County’s law enforcement officers are always able to communicate and coordinate their response efforts, even during times of crisis when traditional communications networks are at a greater risk of being overloaded.

Additionally, FirstNet will drive public safety-focused innovation, helping to make advanced communications tools — like smartphones, apps and connected devices — more useful, valuable, and available to Oakland County’s first responders.

We’re thrilled to see Oakland County step forward and lead the way in implementing this transformative technology. FirstNet will help first responders across the country better serve and protect our communities, and AT&T is honored to be able to play a role in making that happen.

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