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Posted by Paul Weirtz on November 21, 2017.

We have some exciting news for Minneapolis to share!

AT&T plans to launch 5G Evolution in Minneapolis in the coming months — in time for the Big Game in February. We will provide our latest network technology in some parts of the city, including areas near the host stadium, in the coming months.

This is big news for Minneapolis. Minneapolis is just the 3rd announced 5G Evolution market for AT&T in the country — with this technology already available in parts of Austin and Indianapolis today.


5G Evolution offers customers a taste of the future of entertainment and connectivity on their devices.


Small cells are an important ingredient on our path to 5G Evolution. We’ve already installed a number of small cells in Minneapolis, and we plan to add more in the next few months.

Not only will 5G Evolution be here in Minneapolis by the end of the year, AT&T is also making significant wireless network investments to prepare for the Big Game in February.

arrowWe’ve made significant upgrades at the host stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

arrowAT&T’s network has been boosted by 150% in the last year at the stadium.

arrowWe’ve placed over 800 antennas in the stadium.

arrowAT&T’s network inside the stadium alone could provide coverage to a city the size of Minneapolis (470,000 people).

arrowAdditionally, we’ve made over 100 network enhancements in the Twin Cities just this year alone, with hundreds more planned by February 2018.

We want fans and our customers to have a great experience not only at the Big Game, but throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities — in February and beyond.

We are proud of our investments in Minnesota, and we are excited for the Big Game!


Paul Weirtz
President — AT&T Minnesota

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