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Posted by AT&T Missouri Team on October 17, 2017.

Join us for a Lab Build Day!

Please join us at T-REX (911 Washington Ave., 5th floor) at 2pm on October 26th for a collaborative build day with both T-REX and AT&T. Meet the servers for some rack-and-stack experience, meet potential collaborators from AT&T and T-REX, and enjoy a post-build networking session, beginning at 4 pm.

Contact Elise Eiden ( to RSVP or with any questions.

No RSVP needed for networking reception

An open source focused lab, housed in the T-REX Innovation Center, and a short walk from the downtown AT&T Saint Louis technology development hub. This physical presence will leverage surplus AT&T server infrastructure to give initial users, AT&T employees and T-REX tenants, transformational hands-on experience with cloud hardware and software. It will serve as a resource for open source related work in the Saint Louis startup community and beyond, and as a physical collaboration point between AT&T and the open source world.

This lab enables efforts across the St. Louis tech community via:

  • Opportunities for partnership and/or collaboration: Take advantage of the lab’s location in T-REX, which will provide AT&T with proximity to local tech startups and university partners. This location enables a unique opportunity for networking, as well as a neutral ground development lab for collaboration.
  • Open source product invigoration: Attract new developers to business-relevant open source projects and revitalize development communities. The lab encourages and enables open source development, and can be particularly useful in bug fixes and feature development in business-relevant projects.
  • Lab space for testing: Utilize the lab as an environment for open source product evaluation and testing.
  • Training opportunities: Gain hands-on experience with “racking and stacking” the lab’s physical data center infrastructure and networking. Host training environments to simplify and enhance training opportunities. 

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