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Posted by Stephanie Tyler on October 06, 2017.

In the days that have passed since the horrific events in Las Vegas on Sunday, these things are clear: our nation is resilient. Compassion and heroism comes in all forms. And Nevadans are strong. We truly are one Nevada.

First, we want to acknowledge and give our sincere appreciation and thanks to all our first responders for their sheer bravery when we need it most. The swift actions of these courageous men and women unquestionably saved a countless number of lives. Their heroism will never be forgotten. It will be forever ingrained in all our minds.
In the days following, AT&T mobilized a text-to-give campaign in conjunction with the University Medical Center Foundation (UMCF) to secure donations for Nevada’s only Level 1 Trauma Center to support their treatment of patients in need. 

If you are able, please text-to-donate by texting “VEGAS” to 50555* to send $10 to UMCF.

Words cannot convey how we are all feeling, but it is important to be kind. I appreciate your continued compassion and thoughts for all those impacted. Know that together we are strong. We are Nevadans.

With deepest regards,

Stephanie Tyler
President — AT&T Nevada Sandra Douglass Morgan

Randy Brown
Director — External & Regulatory Affairs

Sandra Douglass Morgan
Director — External Affairs, Las Vegas

Kris Wells
Area Manager — External Affairs, Reno

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