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Posted by AT&T New Jersey Newsroom on September 04, 2018.

AT&T’s roots are deep in New Jersey. For more than 140 years, we’ve been inventing, inspiring and delivering some of the world’s most advanced technologies. 

AT&T recently opened the AT&T Science & Technology Innovation Center that showcases historic projects that have molded life as we know it, as well as modern day innovations.

From the telegraph to the future roll out of mobile 5G and all the industry disrupting innovations in between, the world of technology and telecommunications has evolved before our eyes. At the AT&T Science & Technology Innovation Center we are highlighting and celebrating the past, present and future of technology. The museum is divided into four categories - instruments, innovation, switching and transmission - and is filled with AT&T artifacts collected over the past 140 years. Additionally, the museum offers hands-on and interactive displays.

Visitors will see and learn about ground-to-air radio telephony, motion picture sound, the Telstar satellite, telephone switching, the facsimile machine, military radar systems, the transistor, undersea cable, fiber communications, Picturephone via T1’s, coinphones, touch-tone dialing, AMPS cellular phones, UNIX™ and C language programming.

“It’s Important to know where you came from if you want to figure out where you’re going. That’s what the museum represents. It’s not just a journey through the past, but a roadmap for the future. It’s also important to recognize and honor the past achievements that make the future possible. That’s what this is about,” said Andre Feutsch, President, AT&T Labs and Chief Technology Officer.

AT&T held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, August 28, followed by tours for employees and guests. The grand opening ceremony included Andre Fuetsch, AT&T Labs President and Chief Technology Officer; Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker; Tony Perry, Middletown Township Committeeman; and Lori Matheus, Sr. VP, New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

“We have a great story to tell about our contributions to technology and innovation over the decades.  This museum demonstrates AT&T’s continued commitment to innovating and gives us an opportunity to showcase some of the projects being developed right here in New Jersey that are transforming the world,” said Charlene  Brown, regional Vice President for AT&T in New Jersey.  

For more information, click here to download the premiere edition of the Magazine for the Science & Technology Innovation Center in Middletown, NJ.

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