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January 07, 2019

AT&T Upgrades University of New Mexico Network

Posted by AT&T New Mexico Team

New Cell Tower Will Help Provide Faster Wireless Service

AT&T* added a new cell tower to its 4G LTE network at University of New Mexico’s campus to help give customers faster, more reliable wireless service.

The upgrade will help customers get the most out of their mobile devices and provide better network connectivity for streaming videos, sharing on social media or texting family and friends.

“We know how important it is for students to stay connected,” said Terri Nikole Baca, president of AT&T New Mexico. “We want to provide the best possible mobile experience, and we constantly invest in our local networks to accomplish that goal.”

AT&T invested nearly $80 million in its Albuquerque area wireless and wired networks during 2015-2017. These upgrades are part of AT&T’s ongoing efforts to increase speeds, add capacity and expand network availability using the latest technology.  By building out its 4G LTE network, AT&T is laying the foundation for mobile 5G, the next advance in network technologies.

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*About AT&T Communications

We help family, friends and neighbors connect in meaningful ways every day. From the first phone call 140+ years ago to mobile video streaming, we innovate to improve lives. We have the best network according to America’s biggest test.** We’re building FirstNet just for first responders and creating next-generation mobile 5G. With DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW, we deliver entertainment people love to talk about. Our smart, highly secure solutions serve over 3 million global businesses – nearly all of the Fortune 1000. And worldwide, our spirit of service drives employees to give back to their communities.

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**Based on GWS OneScore Sept. 2018. Excludes crowd sourced studies.

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Scott Huscher
AT&T Corporate Communications
May 09, 2018

2018 is a big year for AT&T New Mexico and our customers

Posted by Terri Nikole Baca

Agencies across the state are signing up to improve their communications through FirstNet built by AT&T. As we continue to invest in the FirstNet platform, we are also preparing to invest in small cell wireless technology designed to improve the experiences of our customers. It’s all part of our commitment to give New Mexicans the network they want and need.

Thank you,

Terri Nikole Baca
External Affairs Director — AT&T New Mexico

New AT&T Built Public Safety Network Put to the Test'


Public safety agencies across New Mexico are beginning to connect to the country’s first communications platform dedicated to first responders. FirstNet built by AT&T, provides public safety clients a much-needed technology upgrade and was designed specifically to meet their particular needs, especially during times of emergency.

Earlier this spring, AT&T provided communications assistance during the state’s first wildfire of the year. As the 28,000 acre Stateline fire quickly spread, AT&T’s FirstNet team worked closely with Union County to ensure their communications needs were met, even bringing in additional equipment and resources.

AT&T stands ready to assist public safety agencies across New Mexico interested in taking their communications to the next level with FirstNet.

Meeting New Mexico’s Needs Today, Building for the Future

Small Cells

We want to thank the New Mexico Legislature for voting to remove barriers that have made it difficult for AT&T and other providers to invest in the latest wireless technology in our communities. Legislation sponsored by Representatives Debbie Rodella and Jim Smith and Senators Jacob Candelaria and Candace Gould streamlines the process for deploying small cells statewide. Small cells are a small, flexible network technology that can be placed on existing infrastructure to boost network capacity in congested areas. That means improved call quality and faster download speeds for wireless users in a small cell’s coverage area. The legislation passed by an overwhelming margin, and Gov. Susana Martinez signed it into law on Feb. 28.

Funding Education and Veteran Initiatives


This is our community, and we’re always looking for ways to give back. We’re proud of two recent funding announcements for two local organizations that are making a big difference in New Mexico. The United Way of Central New Mexico’s Mission: Graduate program recently won a GradNation Acceleration Grant funded by AT&T. The $100,000 grant will help Mission: Graduate toward its goal of raising graduation rates in our state.

As part of our Thank Our Heroes campaign, AT&T presented $30,000 to the Albuquerque based Desert Forge Foundation. Desert Forge works to help restore the emotional, mental and physical health of returning veterans through meaningful job training, employment and the arts. Desert Forge is using the money to assist with its Warrior Farmers project, which trains veterans to farm and take their products to market.

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November 01, 2017

Join me this Veterans Day to Thank Our Heroes

Posted by Jerry Fuentes & Terri Nikole Baca

Veterans Day is a day of reflection. Reflecting on our country’s past. Reflecting on where we are today. And, most importantly, reflecting on those who fought for our freedoms.

AT&T has a long history of supporting our military and First Responders. We’ve committed to hiring 20,000 veterans by the year 2020. We’re also using our talents to construct a public safety broadband network called FirstNet to connect our First Responders in new ways.

On Veterans Day and every day, we are thankful for our service members.

Join me this Veterans Day in thanking our heroes for their bravery and sacrifices.

Veterans day

To join us in thanking a veteran or military family, share a photo, video or a simple note of gratitude on social media using #ThankOurHeroes.

We are proud to join our voices together with a message to veterans: thank you for your service!


Jerry Fuentes and Terri Nikole Baca
President — AT&T New Mexico and External Affairs Director — AT&T New Mexico

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September 06, 2017

New school year, new store

Posted by Jerry Fuentes & Terri Nikole Baca

Dear Customers and Colleagues,

We want to wish all students, from kindergarteners to seniors in college, the best of luck with their studies as the new school year begins. This time of the year is exciting and usually synonymous with words like “change” and “transformation”. At AT&T New Mexico, it’s certainly true as we unveil a brand new store in the market that reflects that future of our company. It’s one of the very first of its kind in the country, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating its opening.

Thanks for reading,

Jerry Fuentes
President — AT&T New Mexico

Terri Nikole Baca
External Affairs Director — AT&T New Mexico

 Join us

This week we will celebrate the grand opening of New Mexico’s first AT&T entertainment-focused retail store. The new store located near Albuquerque’s Cottonwood Mall at 10036 Coors Bypass is one of the first of its kind in the country, and the first in the Southwest, to incorporate this new design.

The new 4000+ sf. store is unlike anything you’ve seen from the traditional mobile retails stores. Entertainment is at the center of the design, and is specifically set up to help customers connect to the content they want whenever or wherever. Gone is the wall of cash registers and counters between AT&T employees and customers. In their place we’ve added individual, comfortable seating areas for you and our reps to work together.. You can read the Albuquerque Business First coverage on our new store here.

Come be one of the first to see it by joining us for our official ribbon cutting this Thursday, September 7th at 9 a.m.

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September 05, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Posted by AT&T New Mexico Team

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we continue to see the extensive damage caused by heavy rainfall and widespread flooding as the storm now moves.

Local communities have persevered through this destructive storm as first responders and community members have stepped in to help those affected. While recovery efforts in these areas have only just begun, we at AT&T will do our part to help communities damaged by Hurricane Harvey recover and rebuild.

At AT&T, we know how critical communication can be during times of disaster. Connecting with loved ones or emergency responders is crucial in times like these. That is why our teams are continuously monitoring our networks and doing our best to ensure our customers stay connected without disrupted service.

Text 'HARVEY' to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross. You can help prepare for, respond to and help people recover from disasters.

AT&T has donated $350,000 to aid communities following Hurricane Harvey, which includes $100,000 to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Fund.

We hope that you will join us in aiding our friends in Texas and Louisiana. Your contribution will help communities get back on their feet.

Our communities have come together through their strength and sense of community. With your help, we can continue to show resiliency in the face of disaster. At AT&T, we will work to help make sure those who are impacted stay connected and will stand with them as they begin a tough road to recovery.

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September 04, 2017

Start the School Year Strong with the Khan Academy LearnStorm Challenge

Posted by AT&T New Mexico Team

Khan Academy

As students swap out their beach bags for backpacks, it can be a tough transition back to the classroom after summer break. Some studies show that a full month of learning may be lost during this short period away from school.

We want to help students get back in the groove. That’s why we’re teaming up with Khan Academy to help ensure that teachers and students have the tools needed to start the school year strong. Khan Academy’s LearnStorm is a free, 6-week online challenge from Sept. 12 to Oct. 20 that will help students build the skills and mindsets they’ll need for a successful year of learning.

LearnStorm is open to all learners in grades 3 through 12, with an enhanced experience for educators in accredited U.S. schools or homeschools that sign up their classes. Teachers or parents assign videos, exercises and educational articles to students. Students then complete the assignments on their computers or mobile devices to earn prizes individually, for their class and for their school!

Share LearnStorm with your student's teacher to get their classroom signed up today! You can also sign your child up for Khan Academy and have them complete the LearnStorm challenge on their own, starting Sept. 12.

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September 03, 2017

Small Cells: Preparing the future for wireless

Posted by AT&T New Mexico

From January 2007 through December 2016, AT&T experienced a 250,000% increase in data usage on our network. And, as streaming video continues to become more prominent and new apps and services are introduced, this growth in data usage will continue to rise.

With this mounting pressure on the mobile network, AT&T is developing additional innovative ways to enhance its existing networks, prepare for the technologies of the future — such as 5G, smart cities and new developments in the Internet of Things (IoT).

With these ends in mind, we need to make installing important infrastructure, such as “small cells,” easier. By providing more targeted network capacity, small cells can make the wireless internet we depend on faster and more reliable.

small cells in OR

As we work to expand and implement this new technology across our network, some will undoubtedly ask, “What does the future hold for high-speed wireless internet?” The possibilities are endless. With increased connectivity speeds and network capacity, small cell deployment will help enhance and support a host of innovative services, such as telemedicine, connected cars, distance learning, smart homes, smart farms and even entire Smart Cities, with each contributing to a stronger, more connected network.

In New Mexico, AT&T is actively engaging with local governments on the deployment of small cell infrastructure, working to provide the best possible experience today while laying the foundation for tomorrow’s wireless capabilities.

To learn more about AT&T’s leadership in the Internet of Things and Smart Cities evolution, please click here.

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August 21, 2017

We’re working on safety – on our roads and for our schools, first responders

Posted by Jerry Fuentes & Terri Nikole Baca

Dear Friends,
August is a big month for AT&T New Mexico. It started with the announcement that the State of New Mexico has given the green light for AT&T and FirstNet to build a first-of-its kind communications network for our first responders, improving public safety statewide.
We also teamed up with public safety officials around the state to make sure the new school year gets off to a safe start. Speaking of the new school year, some New Mexico teens are about to head back to class with a whole new set of skills that could have a big impact on their future.

Jerry Fuentes
President — AT&T New Mexico

Terri Nikole Baca
External Affairs Director
AT&T New Mexico

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August 21, 2017

New Mexico opts in to public safety network, FirstNet

Posted by AT&T New Mexico Team

FirstNet and First Responders

AT&T is honored to be working with the State of New Mexico to transform public safety communications in our state.
Earlier this month, Gov. Susana Martinez announced her decision to accept the FirstNet and AT&T plan to deliver a wireless broadband network to the State’s public safety community. AT&T, in a public-private partnership with FirstNet, will build, operate and maintain a highly secure wireless broadband communications network for New Mexico’s public safety community at no cost to the State for the next 25 years. The network will transform the way New Mexico’s fire, police, EMS and other public safety personnel communicate and share information. With the governor’s signature, New Mexico became the 9th state or territory to “opt in” to FirstNet.

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August 21, 2017

Drivers take the pledge just in time for back to school

Posted by AT&T New Mexico Team

New Mexico It Can WaitIt’s back to school time and that means more vehicles on the road with parents and buses getting students to and from school. With all the extra traffic, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of the dangers of distracted driving. That’s why we teamed up with law enforcement to hold Back to School Safe Driving events in Albuquerque, Clovis and Farmington.
Each event featured AT&T’s IT CAN WAIT virtual reality simulator, which lets users experience for themselves the dangers of distracted driving. We also asked everyone who showed up to take the pledge to not drive distracted. You can take the pledge here.





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