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AT&T New York Marissa Shorenstein
Marissa Shorenstein
President — AT&T New York

Marissa Shorenstein, president AT&T New York, is responsible for the company’s regulatory, public policy and community relations initiatives across the state. 

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January 11, 2018

AT&T working to bring 5G to New York

Posted by Marissa Shorenstein

Fast and reliable Internet service is for many a part of everyday life. Families, students, businesses and professionals from every sector rely on wireless Internet service to stay connected and on the go. At AT&T we’re committed to providing our customers excellent wireless service not just for today, but also for the not-so-distant future. That’s why I’m writing today.

We recently surveyed business leaders across Upstate New York to explore how quality, reliable, high-speed, high-capacity wireless connectivity is essential for Upstate’s cities and towns to compete with neighboring regions and to continue participating in the innovation, startup, and high-tech industries of the future. The survey specifically examined the contribution to the State’s economic development plans of new Small Cell technology — shoebox-sized equipment installed by cellular carriers, like AT&T, to improve connectivity and speed, and to help wireless networks handle increasingly large amounts of traffic.

Small cell

Upstate business leaders unequivocally said recent tech-enabled economic successes are directly related to the availability of modernized wireless Internet access, and they are depending upon policymakers to facilitate the development of that new technology.

The Buffalo News reported: “Businesses want better high-speed wireless.” The Rochester Business Journal said: “Upstate needs high-speed data." For a copy of AT&T’s report, click here.

Then, last week, the Progressive Policy Institute released a report examining how the conditions in Upstate New York — and, in particular, the region from Buffalo to Rochester to Syracuse — are ripe for attracting and retaining digitally-driven manufacturing, commonly referred to as “Internet of Goods” industries. These innovative enterprises, much like the top-notch healthcare and higher education institutions across Upstate, need high-speed, high-capacity broadband network infrastructure to sustain their success and growth.

QuoteIn New York, AT&T is actively engaging all aspects of government to deploy small cell infrastructure, working to provide the best possible experience today while laying the foundation for tomorrow’s wireless capabilities.

To learn more about AT&T’s leadership in the Internet of Things and Smart Cities evolution, please click here.


Marissa Shorenstein
President — AT&T Northeast Region

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