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April 17, 2019

Together, we do more

Posted by AT&T New York Team

As part of National Volunteer Month, we’re celebrating the more than 4,149 AT&T employees who have received the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) for 2018. The PVSA is an initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and is administered by Points of Light. It recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to volunteer service by spending more than 100 hours volunteering in the previous year. It’s inspiring and encouraging to think about the lives touched through these acts of kindness.

Throughout April, we are taking the time to say “thank you” to all of our employees — including the more than 30 employees who received the PVSA in New York this year — who are making communities better by volunteering and supporting causes they believe in.

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April 16, 2019

The climate is changing, and so are we

Posted by AT&T New York Team

ClimateAT&T has engaged the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory for help on a Climate Change Resiliency Project to better anticipate, prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change. This is the first such project publicly announced in the telecommunications industry. It has brought together insights from Argonne National Laboratory’s leading climate and environmental science with AT&T data scientists. This has led to AT&T developing a Climate Change Analysis Tool that will help anticipate potential impacts of climate change on our network infrastructure and business operations 30 years into the future.

“Extreme weather and climate-related events disrupt businesses, public services and communities,” said Scott Mair, president, AT&T Operations. “Together with Argonne National Laboratory, we’re using industry-leading science and technology to assess the risks of a changing climate to our business, so we can make data-driven decisions to better serve our customers and improve our corporate resilience.”

By combining Argonne National Laboratory’s regional climate modeling data with sophisticated mapping capabilities, the tool allows AT&T to visualize climate change risk on company infrastructure and make smarter, climate-informed decisions for the future. For example, instead of relying on 10-day weather forecasts and historic events, we can now visualize climate-related events, such as projected sea-level rise, surrounding copper lines, fiber cable locations, cell sites, central offices and much more decades into the future. This information can be used to help us plan for maintenance, disaster recovery and future construction to best serve our customers and the communities we serve.

“Global climate change does not affect all regions or communities in the same way,” said Dr. Rao Kotamarthi, chief scientist, Argonne National Laboratory’s Atmospheric Science and Climate research group. “At Argonne National Laboratory, we are using high-resolution models and vast statistical techniques to project climate change at regional, local, and even neighborhood scales. Our project applies this detailed information to AT&T’s infrastructure planning, so it can safeguard networks and help ensure resiliency as the climate changes around it.”

AT&T is piloting the Climate Change Analysis Tool in the Southeastern United States, which has been hit hard by severe weather and hurricanes in recent years, and is exploring the possibility of expanding the project to include additional regions in the future. In coordination with Argonne National Laboratory, we’ll also make the regional climate modeling data calculated by Argonne National Laboratory for AT&T available to the public, including universities, municipalities and others, to use in their own climate risk analysis.

“As a company, we’ve long been working to help mitigate the impacts of climate change,” said Charlene Lake, AT&T senior vice president - corporate social responsibility and chief sustainability officer. “This project builds upon these efforts and helps boost climate resiliency for our business, our employees and our customers, who count on us to adapt and recover quickly when disaster strikes.”

AT&T is taking action to help build climate resilience for our business, our employees and our communities. We’ve invested more than 150,000 working hours and $650 million in our Network Disaster Recovery program to help keep customers connected when disaster strikes.1 Between 2014 and 2018, we’ve donated $3.7 million in humanitarian aid to support communities impacted by climate-related events. And, along with our employees, we’ve provided an additional $5.4 million in aid to more than 5,700 AT&T employees impacted by natural disasters events through our employee relief funds since 2011.2

AT&T’s Climate Resiliency Project is just one of our environmental sustainability initiatives. We have set a 10x Carbon Reduction goal to enable carbon savings 10x the footprint of our operations by 2025. To help reach this goal, we are working across our company to make our network, fleet and operations more efficient. We’re also helping our customers leverage technology, such as mobile connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT), to help reduce their carbon emissions. AT&T is one of the largest corporate purchasers of renewable energy in the U.S., and our investments are helping to support America’s transition to a low-carbon economy and enable a clean energy future.

More information on the Climate Change Analysis Tool is available in our Road to Resiliency White Paper. For more information on our programs and our commitment to the environment, visit

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1 AT&T Disaster Response Issue Brief

2 Employee relief funds refer to programs paid by the AT&T Foundation Employee Disaster Relief Fund and the AT&T Employee Relief Fund. Visit for more information

April 15, 2019

Cultivating our impact

Posted by AT&T New York Team

Alongside the change in seasons comes a change in how we perceive the world around us. As part of our commitment to the environment, we’ve worked with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Lab to further develop our climate resiliency plan through the creation of a 30-year climate modeling tool. The tool will help us to better anticipate and plan for the impacts of a changing climate — just in time for Earth Day.

But that’s not all. April is also national volunteer month. We’re celebrating by honoring the many AT&T employee volunteers — some of whom have received the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

We are constantly focused on making our communities stronger, and nothing shows that quite like our commitment to the environment, and to each other.


Amy Kramer
President — AT&T New York

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April 14, 2019

Celebrating National Volunteer Month and AT&T Employee Volunteers

Posted by AT&T New York Team


For more than 100 years, AT&T employees have given their time, talents and resources to causes that matter most to them. From mentoring students, supporting our military, improving our environment and everything in-between. AT&T employee volunteers make our company and our communities stronger.

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January 22, 2019

Poll on Youth Media Consumption Demonstrates Need for More Education and Spurs AT&T’s ScreenReady Pilot Program in New York City to Offer Free Family Tech Support

Posted by Amy Kramer

AT&T is proud to connect our customers to the digital world from anywhere at any time, whether it is for learning, gaming, entertainment or socializing. As our world grows more connected, AT&T wants all users to be good digital citizens and to be safe online. We are aware that online risks such as cyberbullying, use of inappropriate sites and risky online behaviors can have a significant impact on children and their parents. To learn more about this, AT&T commissioned a survey about online behaviors and perceptions. The study found children and teens are spending more time than ever online and on their mobile devices — and engaging in risky behaviors without their parents’ knowledge.

The survey, developed by AT&T in collaboration with bullying prevention non-profits No Bully and the Tyler Clementi Foundation, polled 500 New York City teens, 500 parents of teens and 500 millennial parents of younger children to gauge how children are consuming media on mobile devices — and what their parents understand of their behaviors.1

The survey revealed some unexpected findings:

ScreenReady84% of children ages 3–7 and 96% of those ages 8–12 now have their own internet connected device (a phone, tablet, computer, or gaming system), representing a sharp increase since 2017.
98% of teens have a device and 85% say they spend at least 3 hours a day online. Although 80% of millennial parents are concerned that their children are spending too much time on a device, nearly 3/4 admit to giving them an internet device to keep them occupied while they focus on other tasks.
2/3 of teens surveyed say they have engaged in at least one risky behavior online.
57% of teens say they know how to hide content from their parents.
Half of teens say they have experienced some form of cyberbullying.
1 in 5 teen girls surveyed said they have sent sexually explicit photos.
15% of teens said they have met strangers online.
60% of millennial parents of young children and nearly half of parents of teens believe they have taken sufficient steps to monitor their behaviors — despite the showing that parents oversight seems to be having little impact.


Families can be prepared with ScreenReadySM

These findings have spurred AT&T to action. We have launched the first of its kind online safety program right here in New York City. The newly developed retail-based initiative will assist families in navigating online issues. Parents can bring their family phones and tablets to company-owned AT&T stores in the New York metro area — regardless of their wireless carrier — to take advantage of our new ScreenReadySM program, which will provide consumers with two services free of charge:

• AT&T’s retail-based device experts will provide hands-on guidance with respect to the parental controls and content filter settings on the consumer’s phone and tablet. These settings, which are already built into the operating systems of many devices, can be hard to understand and navigate.
• Parents and caregivers will be able to access customized tips, created in collaboration with Common Sense Media, to fit their family’s unique online safety needs on a newly created AT&T mobile website, accessible in stores on free-to-use display tablets.

ScreenReadySM is the next step in AT&T’s efforts to help keep kids safe online. Over the past several years, AT&T has worked with the Tyler Clementi Foundation to help combat cyberbullying. In June 2017, we unveiled a student-led film, There’s a Soul Behind that Screen.

Helping Parents Navigate Device Usage
ScreenReadySM — an extension of AT&T BelievesSM, a larger company-wide initiative — aims to create positive change in our local communities. ScreenReadySM create a groundbreaking new model for delivering in-store education and support that can address a family’s unique online safety needs. It will also move beyond the store-based model to include programs at all Greater New York City YMCA locations, alongside continued programming for parents, educators, and teens.

Even more AT&T initiatives to help kids succeed

AT&T is not stopping at ScreenReadySM in New York City. In fact, we are expanding our Upstander ambassador peer-to-peer training program to public schools across the City in 2019 in an effort to address the alarming statistic that 1 in 2 students in NYC has experienced cyberbullying. The AT&T & Siena Upstander program — which AT&T launched with Siena College Research Institute in 2017 — brings trained Siena College students into high schools to teach students, educators and administrators about online safety through peer-to-peer conversations, role playing exercises and workshops.

Cyberbullying Prevention Program

The program’s goal is to empower students to stand up to negative online behavior, combat cyberbullying and become Upstander ambassadors within their schools and communities. The first Upstander program in New York City took place in late November 2018 at Capital Prep Harlem Charter School and, starting this spring, Siena College students will train students at CUNY’s Hunter College to conduct the Upstander program in schools throughout the five boroughs.

In addition to our New York City efforts, AT&T’s Later Haters program aims to promote positive dialogue in social media while our Great Game campaign promotes kindness and good sportsmanship within the online gaming world. We also offer tips and tools for parents and guardians on AT&T’s Digital You® website.

What others are saying about ScreenReadySM

“I love social media and know that it can be a powerful tool for good in this world. But I’m not naive to the fact that some people take advantage of social media and use its openness to harass and bully people — or worse. That is completely unacceptable, and we must urge everyone — young and old — to tweet and post with kindness. I applaud AT&T for taking charge and using its platform to foster cyberbullying prevention.” said New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

Corey Johnson on ScreenReady

“The YMCA’s top priority is keeping kids safe, in our classrooms, our programs, our gyms, and our camps. We are thrilled to join with AT&T to help parents keep kids safe online, both inside and outside the walls of the Y. Working together, we will all build stronger families and stronger communities across New York City.” said Sharon Greenberger, President & CEO, YMCA of Greater New York.

“It is the Tyler Clementi Foundation’s great privilege to once again collaborate with AT&T on gaining relevant data as to the understanding of how youth and parents are using or misusing the digital world. We welcome new and innovative resources like ScreenReadySM to help keep youth safe online, and we are grateful for companies like AT&T who take their corporate responsibilities in this world seriously.” said Jane Clementi, Co-Founder, Tyler Clementi Foundation.

“Common Sense has collaborated with AT&T over the years on a number of consumer education campaigns, and we are delighted to join with them on ScreenReadySM. The new in-store online safety pilot program in New York represents an important and first of its kind resource for parents who are seeking information on how to raise their children as responsible digital citizens, and really underscores our mutual commitment to the digital well-being of kids and families.” said Jill Murphy, Vice President and Editor in Chief, Common Sense Media.

“The percentage of children — especially young children — that now have their own tablet or smartphone is staggering. The question we face as a society is no longer whether we should give our children a device but how can we ensure that they are safe and successful in a digital world. No Bully is proud to partner with AT&T in this endeavor.” said Nicholas Carlisle, President, No Bully.

Spectrum News NY1: "Poll: 84 Percent of NYC Kids Ages 3 to 7 Have an Internet-Connected Device"


Amy Kramer
President — AT&T New York

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January 11, 2018

AT&T working to bring 5G to New York

Posted by Marissa Shorenstein

Fast and reliable Internet service is for many a part of everyday life. Families, students, businesses and professionals from every sector rely on wireless Internet service to stay connected and on the go. At AT&T we’re committed to providing our customers excellent wireless service not just for today, but also for the not-so-distant future. That’s why I’m writing today.

We recently surveyed business leaders across Upstate New York to explore how quality, reliable, high-speed, high-capacity wireless connectivity is essential for Upstate’s cities and towns to compete with neighboring regions and to continue participating in the innovation, startup, and high-tech industries of the future. The survey specifically examined the contribution to the State’s economic development plans of new Small Cell technology — shoebox-sized equipment installed by cellular carriers, like AT&T, to improve connectivity and speed, and to help wireless networks handle increasingly large amounts of traffic.

Small cell

Upstate business leaders unequivocally said recent tech-enabled economic successes are directly related to the availability of modernized wireless Internet access, and they are depending upon policymakers to facilitate the development of that new technology.

The Buffalo News reported: “Businesses want better high-speed wireless.” The Rochester Business Journal said: “Upstate needs high-speed data." For a copy of AT&T’s report, click here.

Then, last week, the Progressive Policy Institute released a report examining how the conditions in Upstate New York — and, in particular, the region from Buffalo to Rochester to Syracuse — are ripe for attracting and retaining digitally-driven manufacturing, commonly referred to as “Internet of Goods” industries. These innovative enterprises, much like the top-notch healthcare and higher education institutions across Upstate, need high-speed, high-capacity broadband network infrastructure to sustain their success and growth.

QuoteIn New York, AT&T is actively engaging all aspects of government to deploy small cell infrastructure, working to provide the best possible experience today while laying the foundation for tomorrow’s wireless capabilities.

To learn more about AT&T’s leadership in the Internet of Things and Smart Cities evolution, please click here.


Marissa Shorenstein
President — AT&T Northeast Region

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November 09, 2017

Join me this Veterans Day to Thank Our Heroes

Posted by Marissa Shorenstein

Dear Friends,

Veterans Day is a day of reflection. Reflecting on our country’s past. Reflecting on where we are today. And, most importantly, reflecting on those who have fought and those who continue to fight for our freedoms.

AT&T has a long history of supporting our military and First Responders. We’ve committed to hiring 20,000 veterans by the year 2020. We’re also using our talents to construct a public safety broadband network called FirstNet to connect our First Responders in new ways.

We are also very excited to be contributing $25,000 as part of Thank Our Heroes initiative to support a veteran’s outreach organization in New York State later this month to upgrade their technology resources and to provide computer and IT workforce training for veterans looking to retool for the innovation economy. More news on this contribution to come shortly.

For now, I can proudly share with you some of AT&T’s charitable activities around the Empire State to celebrate and provide assistance to veterans and their families.

Walk a mileFor the third straight year, AT&T was the top supporter for the Veterans Miracle Mile Center annual “Walk a Mile in Their Boots” fundraiser to honor veterans and active duty service members in the Capital Region. More than 250 participants had the unique opportunity to strap on a pair of “Mickey Mouse Boots” (the preferred footwear of the U.S. military) in extreme weather and for combat protection, so they could have the full experience of wearing the 12 pounds of boots for the mile course. Among the walkers were local AT&T employees who are veterans and part of AT&T’s Veterans Employee Resource Group dedicated to giving back to men and women in New York State who have served our country.

AT&T is proud to be teaming up again this month with Sen. Joseph Griffo, Sen. George Amedore and the nonprofit Cell Phones For Soldiers to encourage their communities to help troops and veterans call home by recycling their old cellular phones and tablets. In each of the senators’ districts, there are designated drop off locations, including all AT&T stores, until mid-December. All proceeds from the recycled devices will be used to purchase long distance calling cards for troops at home and abroad.
Cells for VetsFor every donated phone valued at $5 in recycled parts, Cell Phones For Soldiers is able to provide 2 ½ hours of free international talk time to deployed troops and veterans via calling cards. The collection drive in both of the senators’ districts provides a way for the community to help ensure soldiers and veterans stay connected with their families and friends. AT&T has been a major supporter of Cell Phones For Soldiers for many years and collects mobile devices throughout the year at all of our stores to benefit the charity and help connect active troops and veterans with loved ones all year round.
Cells for vets2In New York City, AT&T is honoring veterans with free admission to the New-York Historical Society for all New Yorkers on Veterans Day and for veterans from Friday, Nov. 10, through Sunday, Nov. 12. In addition to the permanent collection celebrating those who have served our country, the current exhibit on the Vietnam War depicts service during the era. Visitors can learn about the experiences of our nation’s heroes and the challenges that many face today through performances, talks, programs and family friendly activities.

cells for vets 3On Veterans Day and every day, we are thankful for our service members.

Join me this Veterans Day in thanking our heroes for their bravery and sacrifices.

Veterans day

To join us in thanking a veteran or military family, share a photo, video or a simple note of gratitude on social media using #ThankOurHeroes.

We are proud to join our voices together with a message to veterans: thank you for your service!


Marissa Shorenstein
President — AT&T Northeast Region

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October 17, 2017

Finding answers to New York's hardest questions

Posted by Marissa Shorenstein

As I am sure you already know, many members in our family have weathered 4 unprecedented natural disasters just weeks apart.I want you to know that we as a company have their backs, just like they have ours. The road to recovery will be long, and we will be with them every step of the way.

The true heroes of these natural disasters are the thousands of first responders that risked their lives to help save others. AT&T salutes these brave and selfless individuals; this is why the Company is so dedicated to providing our nation’s first responders the state-of-the-art network and communication tools to help them do their heroic jobs more efficiently and safely through FirstNet. Together with the First Responder Network Authority, we will unlock innovation and an ecosystem to fully support next generation tools that will help save more lives.

Thanks for reading,

Marissa Shorenstein
President — AT&T Northeast Region


Two earthquakes in Mexico and a trio of hurricanes in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Houston, Louisiana and Florida have left widespread damage.

In our efforts to restore service to these areas, we've had great collaboration with government officials and others. But our people — doing the difficult, exhausting work — are making a tremendous difference.

During Hurricane Harvey, AT&T technician Hector Carrillo hauled water out of the AT&T Southwest Houston central office — 5 gallons at a time — until it could be restarted. By the time EHS arrived, Hector had removed 140 gallons of water, totaling 28 trips in waist-deep water!

There’s no doubt these disasters were merciless — 4 disasters in 4 regions in 4 weeks is hard to fathom. Many people in these communities are hurting. And there's still massive restoration to be done. But we're dedicated to seeing it through for our employees, customers and communities.

See below for a summary on our response and ongoing efforts.


Across Mexico, buildings collapsed, and there were many fires and gas leaks. Transportation systems were shut down, including highways, parts of the subway system and parts of the Mexico City airport.

Our teams continue to work around the clock and have made great progress on our network. However, the country is still under a national emergency. We are supporting CENACED, an organization actively working to aid relief efforts in Mexico and have given our customers in Mexico an option to support those affected by the earthquake by donating to the organization.

Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands list

As the people of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands face a long road of recovery, we’re bringing much-needed relief. Significant storm damage, power outages and flooding interrupted service throughout the regions.

In Puerto Rico, a total power outage has affected movement and distribution of relief supplies, but John Donovan, AT&T Communications CEO, and our Network team landed in San Juan to help assess damage, develop recovery plans and donate bottled water, generators and other supplies.

In the meantime, we set up a website that will let anyone stateside (regardless of carrier) to register the cell phone number of a family member or friend who is an AT&T wireless customer in Puerto Rico. Thus far, thousands of people have signed up. When the Puerto Rico-based customer’s cell phone connects to our network in Puerto Rico, the customer will be notified that their family or friends in the U.S. have been trying to contact them.

We are also focused on network restoration in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We’ve set up a portable cell site in St. Thomas. Some network services have been restored there and throughout the rest of the Virgin Islands.

We continue to work closely with local authorities. And we're ready to begin work just as soon as we can do it safely.


Our wireless network is operating normally. The number of wireline customers without service is shrinking. We’ve brought in more than 100 additional technicians from outside Florida. More than 98% of affected network equipment is back in service. We’re adding power equipment where needed to maintain and restore wireline service. We have more than 180 wireline facilities on battery power and more than 90 on generator power.

So far, we’re working to replace more than 800,000 feet of cable. More than 1,500 utility poles have been broken or damaged and need to be replaced.

Texas and Louisiana

While Harvey resulted in terrible flooding, Irma left severe wind damage. The devastation wrought by these disasters will require a long-term effort to rebuild. The one bright spot in all this is that we're making solid progress restoring our operations in those areas. We've accomplished a lot in our response to Harvey.

All our stores are open in South Texas and Louisiana. Our wireline and wireless networks are operating business as usual. Accessibility and safety for our teams on the ground were a major concern. But in working around the clock with officials, we were able to find ways to get into many areas.


Be sure to check out a blog post by Joan Marsh, AT&T executive vice president, Regulatory & State External Affairs, titled The Tale of Three Storms.

For live AT&T Response and Updates on the recent natural disasters, please visit the AT&T Newsroom. For updates in Spanish, please visit our AT&T Spanish Newscenter.

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October 16, 2017

FirstNet momentum: 27 states and territories transform first responder communications with FirstNet

Posted by AT&T New York Team


StatesNearly half of the country has moved to modernize communications for fire, police, emergency medical services (EMS) and other public safety personnel who bravely protect and serve their communities.

As of Oct. 17, 27 states and territories have announced their decision to opt in to the FirstNet network — America’s only communications platform purpose-built for public safety. Both AT&T* and FirstNet committed significant resources to improve communications among first responders and members of the public safety community. With an opt-in decision, FirstNet, together with AT&T, bears the financial risk associated with the network in each state or territory and will require no additional financial resources from the state or territory to deploy or operate the network.

The FirstNet network is the only wireless, broadband network specially designed through consultation and feedback from public safety to ensure it meets their current and future technology needs. States have received their updated state plans.

For more information on a governor’s decision to opt in, go to Opt-in updates can be tracked here: For information on subscribing to FirstNet, please go to

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September 06, 2017

Why the focus on STEM in New York

Posted by AT&T New York Team

 AT&T’s commitment to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education was in full swing this summer from one end of New York to the other. We’ve supported and collaborated with programs teaching students unique skills — ranging from 3-D printing of prosthetic hands for children in need to learning about drone technology to developing farm and food technology tools and other interactive STEM experiences. 

So, why the focus on STEM in New York?

  • The tech industry needs a capable and diverse pipeline of employees to fuel 21st century jobs. At AT&T, almost ¾ of recent student hires — including interns — begin their career in a technology centric area. Today, the need for qualified employees is outpacing their availability.
  • Many high-paying STEM jobs go unfilled as candidates lack necessary technical skills, training or post-secondary degrees.
  • By 2020, there is likely to be a shortage of approximately 40 million high-skilled workers and 45 million medium-skilled workers.
  • STEM workers typically earn 26% more than those in non-STEM positions.

Here are just a few of the STEM programs AT&T has supported this summer: 




In New York City, AT&T continued to support the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, a free, 7-week program that teaches 10th- and 11th-grade girls coding and introduces young women to tech jobs. This is our 5th year with the program and this summer we’re hosting 7 programs in our offices across the country, including a program in New York City. AT&T has also expanded its support of coding this summer in New York City by continuing to work with All Star Code, a tech education nonprofit that provides computer science training for qualified young men of color, to better position these young men for acceptance to college and, ultimately, for careers in the tech industry.

AT&T also supported the College of Staten Island’s STEM program, which prepares 20 high school students to succeed in college-level math courses by reinforcing pre-college math skills and exposing students to real world sociological, political and anthropological ideas. In addition, AT&T supported the Kingsborough Community College Science Innovation Initiative, a 5-week program during which 30 high school students presented entrepreneurial opportunity ideas in food and farm technology and gained valuable STEM skills.


Western NY

NY Gender gap

 In Western New York, AT&T has been busy this summer collaborating on 3 different programs to provide students with STEM literacy. We worked with the WNY STEM Hub to host Hand in Hand Powered by AT&T, a 2-week program for local and international students in need. The program teaches students to learn how to make prosthetic hands via computer design and 3D printing. The program used open source resources provided by e-NABLE, an online global community made up of individuals from all over the world who are utilizing 3-D printers to create free 3-D fabricated hands and arms for those in need of an upper limb assistive device. For the second year, we worked with the WNY STEM Hub to provide the Girls Coding Project Powered by AT&T, the region’s only all-girl coding camp designed to help encourage more girls to follow technology and coding education and career pathways to help bridge the gender gap in the technology industry. In addition, we also collaborated with the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology to provide more than 40 students with the STEM skills needed to create a full-length documentary video project on civic duty. This innovative initiative allowed students to learn the skills and work with the technology necessary to create film and multimedia projects. As video content continues to become more and more popular, this is quickly becoming an increasingly valuable trade. In addition, it provides the students with a unique opportunity to learn valuable lessons on civic engagement, public duty and what it entails to be a public servant. 

Central NY

Central NY STEM

In Central New York, AT&T also addressed the issue of the gender gap in technology education and careers by working with the CNY STEM Hub to offer the second annual AT&T and CNY STEM Hub Summer Camp for Young Women, the region’s only all young women high school summer program that focuses on STEM disciplines. The program also addressed the brain drain issue in the region, by focusing specifically on STEM technology-related careers at the forefront of Central New York’s growing innovation economy, to showcase the burgeoning career opportunities in the region. Participants learned computer coding basics, drone technology, robotics, 3-D printing and computer science literacy, among other more traditional STEM-related topics.


NY social good


 In the Capital Region, AT&T teamed up with the Tech Valley Center of Gravity to create Give Kids a Hand Powered by AT&T, a program that offered 24 students an opportunity to learn to create prophetic hands for local children and adults in need. The program, similar to the one in Western New York, was a multiple-week workshop that provided them experience creating prosthetic hands using 3-D printing technology and incorporating basic knowledge of anatomy, fundamental technology skills in engineering design, computer coding and advanced fabrication. The students also learned how technology can be used for social good, and they learned to help those who have a disability live a more independent life. The program also utilized online open source resources provided by e-NABLE.


Rochester and the finger lakes regionFinger lakes STEM

In Rochester and the Finger Lakes region, AT&T collaborated with Finger Lakes STEM Hub and a number of organizations in a pilot program for Rochester School District students to develop needed STEM skills. Technology and Careers in Rochester Powered by AT&T utilized online lessons and resources, incorporated with interactive exhibits and hands-on career exploration activities aligned with the course curriculum. The program also included field trips to the Rochester Museum & Science Center and local businesses to build curiosity and interest in construction, manufacturing, transportation, energy and power through its interactive exhibits.

Our support of STEM-focused programs grows out of the Company’s long-standing support of educational programs in New York State through AT&T Aspire. With a commitment of $400 million since 2008, AT&T Aspire is the company’s signature philanthropic initiative that drives innovation in education by bringing diverse resources to bear on the issue, including funding, technology, employee volunteerism and mentoring. Aspire is one of the nation’s largest corporate commitments focused on school success and workforce readiness by creating new learning environments and educational delivery systems to help students succeed and prepare them to take on 21st century careers.

Though the summer is coming to an end, AT&T’s commitment to STEM education programs for New York State students is not. This fall and winter, the Company is collaborating with a number of organizations, colleges and municipalities to support STEM and technology education opportunities across the Empire State to ensure our future workforce is prepared and equipped with the skills necessary to keep New York an innovation leader.

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