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Posted by AT&T Ohio Team on December 20, 2018.

Late in 2018, AT&T Ohio was proud to play a small role in the success of Girls4STEAM, a hackathon event hosted by the Kent State Student Chapter for American Computing Machinery-Women.

OH Hackathon

Pictured is AT&T Ohio’s Steve Kristan (right) with hackathon organizers.  They are showing off one of the innovative tools the hackathon participants developed.

AT&T provided funding for the hackathon, which the chapter held in partnership with the Research Center for Educational Technology of Kent State’s College of Education, Health & Human Services.

The event achieved its goal of inspiring young women in grades 7 through high school to be creators of technological innovations - not just consumers of technology - who use technology as a creative tool to build solutions for problems or challenges people face in their daily lives. The hackathon  engaged young women in rich STEAM opportunities through collaborative hands-on experiences to design and create a technology product such as a game, website, app, or other hardware hack.

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