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Posted by AT&T Oregon on October 13, 2018.


Since 2015, the AT&T Aspire Accelerator program has provided financial support, mentorship and guidance to 19 inspiring ed-tech organizations offering students life-changing solutions.

Following a competitive application process, AT&T recently announced the addition of 8 more organizations, including 3 nonprofits. The 2018 AT&T Aspire Accelerator class of innovators will receive funding, access to business experts, national exposure, mentorship and entrepreneur resources. This program will conclude this fall with demonstrations and a graduation.

Meet the innovative, diverse and impactful start-ups that make up the 2018 AT&T Aspire Accelerator class:

ArrowCaribu (Miami) allows any trusted adult to read and draw with children, through an interactive video-call, no matter how far apart.

ArrowMindRight (501(c)3/Newark, New Jersey) empowers youth of color to heal from systemic oppression trauma — including structural violence, poverty, racism and discrimination — with support via text message.

ArrowMove This World (New York) uses multimedia content to develop social skills and strengthen emotional intelligence in Pre-K through high school students.

ArrowSubstantial (501(c)3/Oakland, California) creates training, resources and information substitute teachers need to be successful. The program customizes for each school system’s unique context and delivers it online with modern, mobile-friendly technology.

ArrowUnruly Studios (Boston) revolutionizes learning by combining STEM education with physical play. It teaches kids how to code and gets them active.

ArrowWeird Enough Productions (501(c)3/Lithonia, Georgia) teaches students how to combat fake news, identify media bias and create positive content through an ed-tech tool.

ArrowWords Liive (Washington, D.C.) makes it effortless for teachers to integrate music into lessons.

ArrowZoobean (Arlington, Virginia) provides a web application, mobile app, and prospective hardware device through which families can track their independent reading and stay motivated to read.

Learn more about the winning group of innovators and about the AT&T Accelerator program here.

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