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Posted by AT&T Oregon on October 12, 2018.


Did you know that some EMS, fire and law enforcement agencies don’t provide their personnel with wireless service plans or devices? That’s why the doors to more than 5,300 AT&T retail stores across the country are now open to verified1 first responders interested in signing themselves up for FirstNet service.

FirstNet is the country’s first nationwide public safety communications platform dedicated to first responders. Being built with AT&T, in public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority), FirstNet is bringing public safety a much-needed technology upgrade to help them connect to the critical information they need. Every day. And in every emergency.

The launch of FirstNet mobile plans for Subscriber Paid Users lets verified first responders sign up for FirstNet service under a personal account. This will make the groundbreaking technology locally available to first responders everywhere, so they can access the power of FirstNet.

Both career and volunteer first responders can qualify, which means all first responder users can have access to the same critical capabilities of FirstNet.

“According to the latest findings from the National Fire Protection Association, 70% of firefighters in the U.S. are volunteer,” said Fire Chief Ron Oettel of Lititz, Pennsylvania. “That’s more than 800,000 of us who are often the first to respond to emergencies — fires, medical crises and disasters, among others — in small and rural communities across the country. Having the best tools possible is critical. And FirstNet just made it easier for us to have the best.”

To learn more about FirstNet, go to Or send your community leaders to explore FirstNet service plans or devices to

1FirstNet is exclusive to the public safety community, so eligibility must be confirmed before access will be granted. Qualified first responder agencies enter into an agreement with AT&T that enables them to verify individual first responders who are eligible for the Subscriber Paid User offer through an online portal. Verified first responders will then receive an activation code that can be presented in store to sign up.

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