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Posted by AT&T Pennsylvania Team on December 17, 2018.

Support helps students prepare for college, careers

Philadelphia (December 15, 2018) — During its first-ever “Bridging The Gap” Diversity Conference for students from around Philadelphia, Inspiring Minds announced a $10,000 contribution from AT&T. 

The announcement was made at the Mastery Pickett School by Inspiring Minds’ Greater Philadelphia Director Andrea Garner and AT&T Assistant Vice President Joseph Divis.

Since 2006, thousands of at-risk youth have been inspired by educational, personal, physical and professional opportunities through Inspiring Minds.  The Philadelphia chapter was founded this year to provide services to under-represented youth in grades K–12.

Support from AT&T will help enable Philadelphia high school students to participate in college campus and vocational school tours, ACT/SAT preparation activities and mentoring relationships.

The Inspiring Minds’ After-School Program is offered at a time when many students would otherwise be home alone while parents are at work.  Students can work in a happy, safe and structured environment that includes personalized tutoring, workshops, and the encouragement they need to become the next generation of leaders.

“AT&T’s support will help us continue to engage, inspire and empower youth to reach their full potential through education and exposure to life-changing experiences,” Garner said.

“We are delighted to welcome Inspiring Minds to the Philadelphia area and support the important work the organization is doing in its five areas of impact: Education; College and Career Readiness; Exposure to New Experiences; Health and Wellness; and Personal Development,” Divis said.

The contribution is part of AT&T Aspire, the company’s signature philanthropic initiative that drives innovation in education to promote student success in school and beyond. With a financial commitment of $450 million since 2008, AT&T is leveraging technology, relationships and social innovation to help all students make their biggest dreams a reality.

For more information on Inspiring Minds Greater Philadelphia visit

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