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Posted by AT&T Pennsylvania Team on July 23, 2019.

High school students are in college classrooms this summer, learning more about the college experience and preparing for life after high school.

Students from the Lehigh Valley are attending the Lehigh University Summer Engineering Institute where they spend two weeks on Lehigh’s campus participating in STEM-related activities and laboratory experiences.

Topics and projects are drawn from across majors and disciplines. It's a lab-based, research-centric approach to learning that provides a glimpse into the world of science and technology through a variety of settings and activities. Lehigh University students and faculty lead these enriching academic experiences, serving as mentors and role models and breathing life into the idea that such a future is within reach. AT&T contributed $20,000 to support the program this year.

Now in its sixth year, Lycoming College Prep is a pre-collegiate program that brings high-achieving, first-generation rising seniors from across the nation to Lycoming College. The program’s goal is to give students a hands-on introduction to a liberal arts education and the vibrancy of campus life. Twenty students are in the two-week residential enrichment program from July 13–27, 2019. AT&T contributed $25,000 to support the program this year. Check out the Lycoming College Prep agenda here.

“At AT&T, we work with organizations across Pennsylvania to help prepare the next generation of business leaders for our state and nation,” said David Kerr, president, AT&T Pennsylvania. “Lycoming College Prep and the Lehigh University Summer Engineering Institute are great programs that introduce students to college life and show them what they need to do today to prepare for success in the future.”

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