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If your phone is lost or stolen, there are several steps you should take right away, including reporting it to your provider and suspending your wireless service to prevent unauthorized usage. You should also enable the security apps downloaded on your phone to remote wipe your personal information.

Take these steps right away if your phone is lost or stolen:

  • Report it right away. Contact your wireless provider immediately to suspend your service and avoid unauthorized usage charges. Also report the theft to your local police department.

    • AT&T Customers: Visit or call 1-800-331-0500 to suspend your service immediately. Our system will recognize your device as stolen and block that device from use on the AT&T network within 24 hours.

    • Verizon Customers:  If your device is lost or stolen, suspend your service in My Verizon immediately. You can also dial 1-800-922-0204 from any phone.

    • Sprint Customers:  If your device is lost or stolen, contact Sprint immediately at 1-888-211-4727 to suspend your service.

    • T-Mobile Customers:  Log-in to My T-Mobile immediately to suspend your service. You may also call Customer Service at 1-877-746-0909. 

  • Locate it and Remote Lock it. Law enforcement doesn’t recommend trying to recover your phone on your own, as your safety should be your top priority. But if you have a tracking app, activate it from a safe location.
    • Also remote lock your phone so thieves cannot access your personal information.
  • Remote Wipe it. Remote wipe your device, especially if you have sensitive info on your phone. By remote wiping your phone, you will prevent your contacts, photos and other information from getting into the wrong hands. And if your data is backed up, there will be no inconvenience to you as your personal information will be available on either the cloud or your personal computer.

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