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There are many free security features already available to protect your data and personal information. Take time to enable and maximize these security measures. That way, if your phone is lost or stolen, your data and sensitive information is protected and not in the hands of criminals.

Also take time to download and enable free wireless security apps that allow you to wipe your personal information remotely.

Take these security measures today:

  • Lock it. Maximize your smartphone’s existing security features and set up a strong password or pin.

  • Change Passwords Often. Every few months, change your online and voicemail passwords.
  • Back Up Data. Be sure to save any personal data on your smartphone to a backup device. Several security apps have automatic features to backup your data to the cloud. You can also backup your data by syncing your phone to your computer with a USB cable.  
  • Remote Wipe Information. Perhaps the most important step you can take is to have the capability to wipe your data remotely in case of loss or theft. If your data is backed up, there will be no inconvenience to you and it will prevent your contacts, photos and other personal information from getting into the wrong hands. Here are a few examples of free security apps that allow you to remotely wipe your data: 
    • Find My Mobile: Find My Mobile allows you to track the location of your phone, lock it and wipe your device remotely if your smartphone is lost or stolen. You can also check the call log of your phone remotely for up to one week.
    • Find My iPhone: If your phone is lost or stolen, you can erase it remotely if you had previously set up Find My iPhone on the device.
    • AT&T Mobile Locate: With AT&T Mobile Locate, you can lock your device, back up and restore your data, and remote wipe your personal information if your phone has been lost or stolen.

To learn more about the free wireless security apps available, click here.