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AT&T Wireless Network

AT&T has invested in our Tennessee communications networks, our people and local communities for 139 years.

building for tomorrow

More than $1.2 billion invested by AT&T in its best-in-class wired and wireless networks in Tennessee from 2014-2016.

571 wireless upgrades made from 2013-2015 including 26 new cell sites.¹

98.9 percent of population in Tennessee covered by the AT&T Mobile Broadband network as of January 2, 2018.

98.9 percent of population in Tennessee covered by the AT&T Wireless network as of January 2, 2018.

747 Wi-Fi hotspots in Tennessee as of February 13, 2018..

community impact

10,930 students mentored by our employees in Tennessee through Aspire Mentoring Academy from 2012 to 2016.

More than 89,000 hours of personal time given by AT&T employees and retirees in Tennessee to community outreach activities in 2016 – worth approximately $2.1 million.*

More than $6.5 million contributed by AT&T, the AT&T Foundation and our employees from 2014 to 2016 through giving programs in Tennessee.

jobs and economic support

More than 5,500 AT&T employees working in Tennessee as of December 31, 2017.

More than $1.6 billion spent on goods and services purchased from suppliers based in Tennessee in 2016. This spending supports jobs and economic activity in the state.

8,015 AT&T retirees living in Tennessee as of January 31, 2018.

294 retail locations in Tennessee, including our company-owned retail stores, authorized dealerships and national retail stores as of February 21, 2018.

More than $276 million generated in local and state taxes by AT&T operations in Tennessee in 2016.

Approximately 470 veterans working for AT&T in Tennessee as of December 31, 2017.²

environmental impact

199 alternative fuel vehicles operated in Tennessee as of January 31, 2018.

Updated February 2018.

¹All network upgrades exclude LTE enhancements.
NOTE: The number of veteran employees is calculated from those who have selfidentified as veterans. Since identifying as a veteran is voluntary, there may be more veterans than the number shown.
*The financial equivalent is based on the annual industry standards from Independent Sector.

AT&T Sustainability Update

2.27 M hours of mentoring

2.27M hours of mentoring by employees provided to 350,000+ students through AT&T Aspire since 2012

146 M recycled

146M recycled or refurbished DIRECTV, U-verse and AT&T Mobility devices since 2007

14.4B spent

$14.4B spent with minority-, women-, service-disabled veteran- and LGBT-owned business enterprises in 2017

1.78M hours of volunteering

1.78M hours volunteered through employee volunteer programs in 2017

For us at AT&T, this isn’t just a job—it’s a mission to serve.

7M+ locations reached

7M+ locations reached in 2017, against a goal to expand all fiber internet access capability to at least 12.5M customer locations by mid-2019

$148M savings in energy costs

$148M savings realized in annual energy costs from ~ 18,000 energy projects in 2017

1,100+ vehicles

1,100+ vehicles removed from domestic fleet in 2017

22M pledges

22M pledges through 2017 to keep eyes on the road and not on the phone through the It Can Wait Campaign

8.6M text messages

8.6M text messages sent to clients about the trajectory of severe weather in Mexico through our work with CONAGUA in 2017

820 MW

820MW of large-scale renewable energy from purchase agreements signed through June 30, 2018

30K enrollees

30K+ enrollees since 2014 in Udacity Nanodegree courses that prepare learners for high-demand tech careers

50%+ spend

50%+ spend of suppliers who track GHG emissions and have GHG goals as of 2017

Stories bring our work to life. They exemplify why and how we stay true to the values our company is built on.
~ 5M hours

~5M hours of training spent by employees dedicated to skills transformation in 2017

$31.6M pledged

$31.6M pledged by employees through our Employee Pledge Campaign in 2017

8,816 schools

8,816 schools in 8 Latin American countries impacted by ESCUELA+ in 2017

80.3% average score

80% average score for top suppliers on the AT&T Supplier Sustainability Scorecard