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Posted by AT&T Texas Team on May 25, 2017.

Carry The Load

Memorial Day is a day that is set aside for all Americans to take a step back and honor and remember those service men and women who died making the ultimate sacrifice in service to our great country.

In 2003, AT&T employee Matt Fosterleft his family, friends and future wife for active duty in the United States Army. His Forward Operating Base (FOB) would often go on “Comms Blackout,” usually meaning a soldier on his FOB had been killed or seriously injured and their family was being officially notified.

It’s that experience that led him to get involved with Carry The Load. Carry The Load works to bring all Americans together to participate in honoring our nation’s heroes every day. This includes a national, 6,200-mile relay where veterans and citizens honor those heroes’ sacrifice and take a turn experiencing the weight of a rucksack. All of the money raised at this event goes directly to support Carry The Load’s Continuum of Care program where partner charities are on the front lines to help those heroes and their families who have given so much to this country.

At AT&T, we know our nation’s service men and women make sacrifices to protect our country and our freedoms. As a company, it is an honor to support them. As a sponsor of this year’s Carry the Load, AT&T is proud to stand behind participants this weekend in Texas. Learn more about how to get involved and see the full relay route from coast to coast here.

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marisa jimenez  753 days ago

The "Carry the load" is happening right here at my store. It has been amazing to see all the people coming in wanting to help support this cause!!!! My uncles were WW 2 and Vietnam vets proud to represent the RED WHITE and BLUE!!!

Deborah Stuart  753 days ago

My dad served in the Navy, Air force and the Marines. I love our military and first responders and think this is an amazing cause. We need to understand that they see and experience things we can not imagine. We ALL need to show extra love, support, respect and offer help above and beyond to all who serve and have served.

Ahmed Kamel  753 days ago

Your sacrifice, effort, and service, are appreciated and not forgotten.

Lianna Garcia  753 days ago

As a 25 year veteran with the Air Force; having served in three foreign wars with active duty and currently a reservist, I feel that this event is so awesome and am interested in joining next year. It is humbling when you think of how many have gone before us and given their lives so that we can live ours. What's amazing is that we don't expect a thank you - we just do it.I am a member of the 433 Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron at Joint Base San Antonio/Lackland, TX. I serve with some great individuals and we commit to carry the load every day and work diligently to bring our wounded warriors back home, safe and alive! I'm proud of ATT's support of our veteran's and the military.On Memorial Day, as you celebrate this weekend - take a moment to say a special thank you for those who are on the front lines and those who give so much - our great military. Also remember those that didn't make it back, their sacrifice is part of what makes our nation so great!

Gwenetta Robinson  753 days ago

Thank you to all of the Men and Women that put their lives on the line for us everyday protecting our country. I am a proud Army Mom and I support and appreciate all of you. God Bless You.

Lynne Guthrie  753 days ago

I am the proud mom of an Army Combat Medic veteran, as well as a current Navy Reservist. It makes me doubly proud that the great company I work for sponsors such great endeavors like Carry the Load. What an awesome company to work for!

Kimberly Davis  754 days ago

Thank you all for what you do. You are all very much appreciated and always in our prayers. Be Blessed!

Teresa Thibodaux  754 days ago

You guys are all awesome, and I feel very honored to work with so many of you. Matt, thank you in particular for your own sacrifice and for honoring your fallen brothers and sisters. Our country is blessed beyond measure because so many have given so much. Thank you all. <3

Cruzita Flores-Morales  754 days ago

In Memory of my daughter: Jessica Marie who served in the Navy.

Chris Clark  754 days ago

My family will be supporting the Carry the Load event Sat - Mon with Mckinney Boy Scout Troop 496 for the 5th year. It is a great way to spend the Memorial Day weekend and it is a great event.