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June 15, 2018

Commonwealth of Virginia Approves Statewide Use of AT&T ESInet™ to Transform 911 Communications

Posted by AT&T Virginia Team

The Commonwealth of Virginia 911 Services Board has approved the AT&T* ESInet solution as the recommended platform to provide NextGen 911 communications statewide. The IP-based call routing service uses the National Emergency Number Association’s i3 standards and the core features of AT&T ESInet™ to modernize aging 911 infrastructure.

“We are proud to work with the Commonwealth of Virginia on this critical upgrade of their 911 infrastructure,” said Brian Troup, vice president, AT&T Public Sector. “AT&T ESInet will provide Virginia with an advanced network to better meet the needs of their residents, first responders and 911 dispatchers now and in the future."

With AT&T ESInet, localities across Virginia will be able to:

  • Manage how calls and text messages are routed. This helps ensure they reach the desired 911 agency. Location-based, geospatial routing lets public safety answering points (PSAPs) quickly adjust their service boundaries to accommodate emergencies. This allows them to provide a more targeted response and will help save precious time.
  • Handle unexpected call volumes. When high call volumes occur, AT&T ESInet can automatically distribute calls to neighboring PSAPs. This makes it easier to speed emergency responsiveness and manage 911 calls.
  • Apply dynamic routing capabilities. Using a highly secure, private network connection, PSAPs can set rules for how to route 911 voice calls and text messages. For example, a rule could be set to route all calls originating in a defined area directly to a special command post within a pre-defined event boundary like a college campus. This gives public safety direct, on-site access to 911 callers.
  • Maintain service during a natural or man-made disaster. PSAPs across Virginia can access geographically diverse and redundant call processing locations throughout the country for support as they need it.
  • Improve incident awareness. Localities that upgrade their 9-1-1 capabilities with AT&T ESInet will be able to support text messages, and in the future, pictures and videos.

“An ESInet will help usher in the future of 9-1-1 in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Steve Marzolf, director of the Integrated Services Program at the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA). “It will help us in our goal to create and ensure a seamless network throughout the whole state. Existing technology and infrastructure is outdated, but with this contract, Virginia is on the leading edge of emergency communications and services.”

AT&T was previously selected to provide NextGen 911 services in Fairfax County, Virginia. That contract can be used by all of Virginia’s state localities. These localities can notify Virginia’s 911 Service Board of their interest in the contract, reach a participation agreement with AT&T and move forward with deployment.

Using the contract meets state procurement regulations and eliminates the need for localities to spend money and staff time on procurement. Localities also can implement the upgrade through their own procurements or contract vehicles, and only need to notify the 911 Service Board of their decisions to do so.

AT&T ESInet is one of the latest evolving emergency communications tools available to Virginia. In July 2017, Virginia opted in to FirstNet – America’s communications platform purpose-built for and dedicated to first responders. With both AT&T ESInet and FirstNet, Virginia’s public safety community will be able to create an efficient flow of communications from the caller to the 911 call taker to the first responder.

To learn more about AT&T ESInet, go here.

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June 07, 2018

AT&T’s 2018 It Can Wait Tour to Roll Through Virginia

Posted by AT&T Virginia Team
Virtual reality experience will stop in Fairfax, Virginia Beach, Richmond and Roanoke, show dangers of smartphone distractions while drivingResearch shows that nearly 9-in-10...
April 26, 2018

AT&T Employees in Virginia Honored for Their Commitment to the Community

Posted by AT&T Virginia Team
More Than 4,300 AT&T Employees Nationwide Receive President’s Volunteer Service AwardIt’s National Volunteer Month. And AT&T is celebrating 54 employees in Virginia being honored...
April 25, 2018

Learn more about plans for a new cell site in Loudoun County

Posted by Vince Apruzzese
AT&T has been doing business in the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1897, and we’ve operated in Loudoun County for more than 50 years.More than 400 AT&T employees and retirees live in...
March 23, 2018

AT&T Announces Contribution to Expand Team Rubicon’s Capabilities Across Virginia

Posted by AT&T Newsroom
Team Rubicon to Launch Operations Along the Virginia Beach CorridorAT&T is committed to supporting Virginia communities. By contributing $200,000 to Team Rubicon in Virginia, AT&T is...
March 20, 2018

AT&T Sets Up “IT CAN WAIT” Virtual Reality Experience at University of Mary Washington

Posted by AT&T Newsroom
Experience Shows Students and Staff the Dangers of Smartphone Distracted DrivingOn March 20, 2018, AT&T* and the University of Mary Washington teamed up to remind students and staff about the...