Building San Francisco's Wireless Infrastructure

AT&T and our employees have been part of the San Francisco community for more than 100 years and we’re poised to make a significant upgrade to our wireless infrastructure in San Francisco – built with skilled union labor and paid for with private investment dollars, at a critical time in the evolution of technology: when people are less tethered to a home or desk phone and need access to the people and information that’s important to them anytime, anywhere. READ MORE

What is Our Plan?

San Francisco has one of the highest concentrations of smartphone users in the nation — surfing the web, downloading music, streaming data and video, and making calls.All of these users in a concentrated area put a strain on wireless capacity. AT&T is using a combination of technologies to build the infrastructure you need to be connected. READ MORE

If you’d like to have a better wireless experience — one with fewer dropped calls, faster data speed, and more reliability — here’s your opportunity.  Sign-up to be updated about meetings and events that will determine the future of your wireless network. READ MORE



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Technology and Public Safety -- 2014 Emergency Management Summit Series

Posted by Marc Blakeman on April 09, 2014

Emergency response programs play a critical role in ensuring public safety during unforeseen emergencies or natural disasters. Preparation is key, and technology plays a critical part in keeping communities and first responders connected.

As a member of local and global communities, AT&T is dedicated to advancing disaster relief efforts. When disaster strikes, our company and our employees assist victims and affected communities through network preparedness and disaster response, corporate giving, employee support and volunteerism.  We work tirelessly to maintain communications to and from affected areas.

That is why AT&T is proud to sponsor the 2014 Emergency Management Summit Series; the first summit will be hosted in San Francisco April 15. Leaders in emergency management join us at eight events around the nation to share best practices and innovative new solutions to disaster response among utilities, public agencies and first responders.

The Emergency Management Summit Series outlines how to best leverage innovative new technologies in an emergency. For example, accessing and sharing data from mobile devices worn by emergency responders enables faster response times, increases operational efficiencies and improves officer safety. Wearable devices also help emergency responders capture video and images faster and more efficiently.  At the same time, new IP-based capabilities provide greater flexibility, resiliency and increased agency interoperability.

AT&T and other participating organizations will discuss national initiatives such as Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1), text to 9-1-1 and FirstNet, which established the foundation for public emergency communications services in a wireless, mobile society.  The series will also explore the advantages of a new mobile environment and how emergency management professionals can share information and stay better connected with the public.

We are honored to support our public safety agencies as they continue to leverage new technologies and streamline effective emergency response programs. For more information on the Emergency Management Summits, click here.


The Legacy of Cesar Chavez

Posted by Adriana Martinez on March 27, 2014
Ever since I met Cesar Chavez as a young undergraduate student at Stanford University in 1991, I’ve considered him one of our greatest inspirational leaders. He taught us about the United Farm...

DonorsChoose. We Match.

Posted by Anne Wintroub on March 04, 2014
There are so many benefits to project based learning – a broader knowledge base, greater understanding of concepts and enhanced leadership skills chief among them.  Few would argue the...

AT&T Helps Usher in the Year of the Horse, Sponsors Lunar New Year Celebrations in San Francisco

Posted by Marc Blakeman on February 20, 2014
AT&T celebrated the Year of the Horse with San Franciscans this weekend at the 2014 Southwest Airlines Lunar New Year Festival and Parade.  As a presenting sponsor, AT&T contributed to...

AT&T California to Reduce Company Water Usage by 30%

Posted by Ken McNeely on February 18, 2014
34,000 Employees Asked to Conserve Water In Response to California’s Emergency Drought DeclarationLast week, I asked 34,000 AT&T employees in California to reduce their non-essential water...

AT&T Launches Aspire Request for Proposal

Posted by Anne Wintroub on January 15, 2014
As part of the AT&T Aspire educational initiative, AT&T is launching the Aspire High School Success Initiative (HSSI) request for proposal (RFP) which will be open from Jan. 2-17, 2014. We...

Protect Yourself from Online Scams This Holiday Season

Posted by Lane Kasselman, Director of Communications & Campaigns on December 18, 2013
With the holidays fast approaching, the hustle and bustle of the season can distract us from our everyday responsibilities. As consumers continue to turn to the Internet to check off their holiday...

Roadtrip Nation Fights Dropout Crisis with Cross-Country Tour

Posted by Anne Wintroub on December 09, 2013
According to Grad Nation, about one-fifth of all U.S. students fail to graduate from high school with their class. In order to fight this crisis, AT&T is teaming up with Roadtrip Nation, a...

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