Posted by Anne Wintroub on March 04, 2014.

There are so many benefits to project based learning – a broader knowledge base, greater understanding of concepts and enhanced leadership skills chief among them.  Few would argue the amazing impacts of “learning by doing.”  Yet, many schools across California struggle to provide these opportunities.  Teachers face limited resources in project planning – which leads to cutting projects that require additional materials.  This is why I’m very excited that starting this week, AT&T is teaming with DonorsChoose to step in and make some of these resources available for the spring 2014 semester. 

This is how it works: high school teachers post classroom projects and the requested budgets on DonorsChoose.  Anyone can browse through the projects, choose their favorite and contribute with a few clicks. As soon as a project is funded, the books, art supplies, field trips, technology or other resources are shipped directly to the school. Donors then receive updates, photos, and thank you letters from the classroom showing how they used the materials.

For the next few weeks, as part of AT&T’s commitment to education through AT&T Aspire, we are running a $250,000 matching campaign for high school classroom projects under $2,000 at our highest need schools. Right now, if a high school biology teacher in Oakland creates a $1,000 project requesting microscopes, once the project receives $500 in funding, AT&T will match the remaining $500 to complete the project. 

So, join us and support California teachers today.  Click HERE to browse qualifying projects. 

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